My Siamese cat coughs

by Rebecca
(Bunbury, Australia)

Frequently my male blue point coughs as if trying to expel something but to no avail. He has had medical checks but nothing has come back as to indicate why he does this. Any ideas? .....and its not furballs as he has no problem with those.....yukky.

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May 04, 2011
coughing siamese
by: Anonymous

my 8 yr old male had a bout of coughing/sneezing fits for two days; took him to vet where they put him to sleep so they could dig deep and found a 2" blade of grass lodged between back of sinus cavity and throat. Siamese love to graze on grass. $200 later he was 100% better!

Apr 22, 2011
My little man
by: Rebecca

Thanx 4 your input Caroline, he isnt in distress but i sympathise with him. Good 2 know he isnt an isolated case tho :)

Apr 22, 2011
Mine does this too
by: Caroline (UK)

Feline asthma IS something to consider, and can be very distressing, but I guess that if you've had him checked out at a vet's, they've already ruled this out?

My own Siamese also coughs frequently, and although it's not to expel actual hairballs, I do think it's caused by stray hairs caught in the throat when grooming.

As long as the coughing episode doesn't last long, and doesn't seem to cause your cat any distress, there's not much to worry about, but if it is causing distress then you definitely need to get the vet to investigate further.

Love the picture of your boy!

Apr 19, 2011
My little man
by: Bek

Thankyou Angelina I think he is pretty stunning too...this little man has me wrapped around his little paw :D

Apr 18, 2011
maybe food allergies
by: angelina diantonio

He is stunning!!!!

Apr 18, 2011
coughing problem
by: meeshie

Funny, never thought about a cat having asthma, but I guess it does exist. Have you checked

Apr 18, 2011
my little man
by: Bek

Yes the vet did a comprehensive check. only other thing i could think of was.......feline asthma....if such a thing exists. haha sounds a tad dramatic.

Apr 18, 2011
Coughing problem
by: meeshie

I'm assuming that he has been checked for allergies?????????

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