My Siamese Cat embarrassed at the vet!

Took my seal point 7 year old female to the vet last night as I was having problems trimming her claws and she was getting stuck on rugs and her cat towers. She howled all the way to the vets in the car, howled all the time we were in the waiting room and then meowed beautifully when I let her out in the treatment room. When the time came to trim her claws she turned into this wild feral monster!!!!!!! So embarassing!!!! Vet changed from "oh she is lovely.....aren't you just lovely Saffie" to " she is spoilt". In the end after a lot of biting and scrating the vet had to muzzle her and she has ordered me a muzzle for at home. Saffie howled all the way home in the car and wouldn't talk to me for a couple of hours after we got home. She is now back to being my best friend and is not getting stuck on anything!!! What an ordeal......not for Saffie....for me!!!!!!!!!!

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Apr 03, 2012
by: Beatrice

Sounds like a perfectly normal intelligent reaction to being interfered with. This was a violation of her little world, good for her!

Beatrice from Ireland.

Apr 03, 2012
she's a lion!
by: my2wins

...her behavior actually sounds 100% normal to me. My precious kits hate to travel & hate their nails trimmed. They are the sweetest and most loving little pair, but they go back into wild animal stage any time they feel cornered.

Cat brains are alpha brains. They can't regulate themselves like other domestic animals. They are like little lions when threatened.

There's a possibility she had a bad experience with a nail clipping. If someone did it wrong even one time, she may have felt excrutiating pain. And there's no way you'll know that. If someone clipped your nail too short, ouch. Try to see it from her perspective.

You can try products that soothe cats next time. Check out calming spray which is supposed to have pheromones that release something that de-stresses them. Not sure if it works but it may be worth trying.

I put the spray on a baby blanket and/or a stuffed toy and put it in their carrier when I take them to the vet. Again, not sure it works or not, but at least I'm doing something to try to calm them.

You might have to experiment. Try loading her up with soothing things, and treats and anything else you can think of to comfort her.

Good luck with your little beastie. Just remember she's a little lion and love her for that. Even the tamest of lions freak out on their owners once in a while.

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