My Siamese Cat hides

by Keith
(Vancouer, wa)

I got my Siamese cat (male) today from the human society, he was in a home with other cats. The old owner said he would hide under the bed and run and hide. She was a breeder. So I got him home and he looked around then now wont eat or come out from under the couch, he's been there almost all night. Will he come out? What can I do for my buddy? Please help.


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Nov 17, 2012
my cat won't come out of hiding
by: Anonymous

I just got a 5yr old Siamese male 10 days ago, he wouldn't eat for 3 days then he started to come out when we were a sleep to eat and go in the litter box. He now hissed at my 3yr old for going by him where he was hiding. I'm afraid he won't ever be good with my 5 kids. his name is Trix he won't go by any one he just runs away from us if he see's us. do you think he will be okay? should I just keep waiting for him to come out to be a part of the family?

Mar 29, 2011
he will be fine
by: angelina diantonio

He just needs time.I had the same problem with two of mine.Not only did they turn out fine but gave me the best 11 years of my life !!!!! Read my story.

Mar 29, 2011
He hides
by: Denise

I rehomed my male siamese when he was a year old and the previous owner told me he was very outgoing and nosy, it was such a shock when we got him home and he hid immediately - this went on for nearly five weeks to be honest and he ate very little in the first few days, then just coming out to eat when we were at work after that. It seemed like forever but give him time and he will come round, its all very strange for them moving to a new home and with new owners. He soon turned out to be the sociable loving playful cat we have today. Be patient. xx

Mar 29, 2011
New Home
by: Wissam Homsi

Dear Friend,

Remember the adage about first impressions being important? The same principle applies to your cat first encounter with her new home. Her experiences as you remove her from the environment she knows and introduce her to a new home will affect how well she adjusts, Put her food and water, litter box, scratching post, and toys in the room. Many cats will hide for the first few stressful days, so giving her “a room of her own” at first will allow her to adjust to the smells and sounds of your home without having to interact constantly with people and animals, talk to her softly & don't try to pick her up.
In few days she will feel comfortable & her real life will begin .
Good Luck & take care for her

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