My Siamese Cat-Tabitha -is extremely cautious

by Becky

My Siamese Cat-Tabitha -is extremely cautious. Not sure why? She is overly social and friendly to certain people (only) who stop bye, such as my mother and one particular male friend. W/me she is sweet but sometimes standoffish? Ummmm??? I have noticed that she watches me constantly as almost a guard cat. Such as, always at foot. When I sleep she does not sleep w/me rather on the floor or dresser always watching me. In the morning as soon as I awake she does jump in bed to great me with burrs and love. Tabitha is also not one to rub up against me??

Is this part if their traits? Yes, she is highly intelligent and exceptionally chatty!
My –Big question is; why is she always watching me? She is defiantly not a lap-cat nor enjoys being held. But I do see the loyalty and feel the love.
-Confuses w/deep concern.

Thank you much!

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