My Siamese hisses at house guests.

by jacqueline kerr
(kent UK)

Want to know how to tackle this behabiour with my cat. She's so loving with me normally but have recently had more people coming to the house and not keen. One minute fine with them then hisses. Even started to hiss at me recently. What can I do. Love this cat so much and normally so loving with me, I think she thinks I am her mum.

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Dec 04, 2012
by: Beatrice

Hi there,

Jackie feels that his territory is being encroached upon and he does not like it. He also is curious and like lots of intelligent beings, is suspicious of that which he doesn't know or with which he is not familiar.

Siamese don't like to share you, their owner, with others and like to be the centre of attention. When we have guests, my Siamese gets up on the cabinet and walks among the ornaments and if she can, will try and topple one or pull on the bell of the mask hanging on the wall to draw attention to the fact that she is in the room and nobody is paying her any attention.

Talk of attention seekers!

Kind regards,

Beatrice from Ireland.

Nov 25, 2012
Hissing cat
by: LP

My two year old siamese hates it when I have guests. She growls and runs off to sulk. She is fine when they leave and all loving again. My one year old male has now started running off when I have guest and hiding until they leave. He is just picking up on her grumpness. I just don't think she wants anyone else in her home.

I can see her ears prick up before the door bell even rings. Then comes the growl because she is so angry that someone is there. She does not want to share me or her home. Maybe its a Siamese thing they are very clever cats.

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