My Siamese is a picky eater!

by Sally
(Berkshires, MA)

I'm lucky enough to live in my Siamese cat Moxy's house! I have had many cats but never a Siamese before and she is a treat! Moxy has found out how to stand on top of closet doors and make the door sway!

I do have one problem with her; she is very picky about her wet food. Moxy will only eat one or two kinds of Fancy Feast if I'm lucky. She usually will only lick up the gravy and bother us only hours later when most of her food remains. I have tried more natural brands and she will not eat any of it. Any tips or tricks?


Sally and Moxy in Mass.

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Dec 15, 2019
Louis the hunter Siamese
by: Lynn

Cat people, or rather Siamese lovers will look at this in different ways. Many might say. Keep your cat in, where your cat will be safe, and do not let them eat prey. About a month ago, my Lynx point Siamese hacked up a big round worm. Not a tapeworm, they get those from fleas, but a roundworm that was about 4 inches long. Well, she has been known to catch mice and other prey. That is how they get roundworms. We live in a very rural area. And my cats do at go out some. People around here live on farms and they have cats to keep the mouse population down. Our local vet. Is a country vet. They have cats that live there, and they go in and out. They keep flea prevention on them and take good care of them. I would much rather see a barn cat, or cats that live happily at a farm than a homeless one.

Your cat Louis is doing what he is meant to do. Cats are predators. You can take him to the vet. Give him flea treatments if you can. The Seresto flea collar is really good. The treatment for roundworms is pretty cheap and it is easy to give to them in a dropper, and it doesn't taste so bad.

I am not going to tell you that you are wrong for letting him eat mice. But most likely he has parasites because of it. I got Pyrantel from my vet. That will get rid or the roundworms. And its cheap. You can get a bottle of it and you can get many doses from it.

Dec 13, 2019
Louis the hunter
by: Anonymous

Louis is a 3 yr old Siamese and refuses to eat any dry food. My worry is that he is hunting constantly and eating all sorts of rodents, but is very skinny. I tried giving him the best of the best cat food available but he just looks at me with those beautiful blues and walk away.

How to know if he is healthy ? And is it safe for him to eat so many mice (some days up to 3 cause we life on a farm)

He is such an incredible guy and would love some advice if possible.

Jul 24, 2014
Try different brand
by: Lynn

Hi there. I've had a domestic short haired cat for almost 7 yrs- passed away due to kidney failure. I recently got a siamese and to my surprise is a big eater. She doesn't seem to stop eating. It's like every 2 hours she's hungry. I've used fancy feast with my previous cat and she was a very picky eater. She would lick just the sauce/gravy and leave the rest out to dry out in her dish. I've tried all the fancy feast canned food and other brands as well, but same problem! Meanwhile, with this siamese cat that I have now, the breeder I got her from only Royal Canin and it's the brand I've never heard before. So I was skeptical at first and so I did a whole lot of research on the brand and even read all the reviews I could find online. To my surprise, Royal Canin doesn't have the variety like other brands (it's really just one flavor in canned and dry)but I am telling you, guys, my cat absolutely love it. She just just couldn't get enough. She love eating both dry and wet and even mixed together. I always suggest to people with picky eaters kittens to try Royal Canin and see from there. Just my two cents. 😄

May 10, 2014
Tia 10 month old siamese
by: Anonymous

I do understand. I have tried everything with Tia. Sometimes she will eat or lick and other times she walks away. She is so finicky I never know when she will eat. I'm lucky to see her eat 5 ozs of food in one day [including people food]. And I do incourage her...what do I do?

Tia's Mommie

Nov 11, 2013
Tricks for Picky Siamese
by: Long Beach Siamese

My 15 year old Siamese female can get picky about her food. Even turning up her nose at food she formally enjoyed. Two tricks to consider: make sure the food is room temperature or a bit warmer (I microwave the food at 20% for 15-20 seconds) and if that doesn't work, try mixing in baby food (chicken or turkey in the jars). She gobbles it up!

Jan 20, 2013
Tricks of the trade
by: ChefDeb

I have a traditional Siamese - a 17lb bundle of medium length fur. He too is a finicky eater - even turning his nose up at his favorites once in a while! Drives me nuts - I've wasted a lot of food on Big Louie. But I just discovered that when he starts to get picky on what I know is normally a favorite - I sprinkle a tiny pinch of cat nip (organic) on top of the food and he immediately starts eating. Sometimes he just needs a good nudge.

I've made the mistake of giving in too soon and switching out his food if he didn't seem to like it.. which trained him to be pickier. Great. So, now we are re-training his stubborn palate and my weak parenting... and hopefully we'll turn a corner soon. But as others mentioned here - high quality food is best. I use WeRuVa - fit for human consumption. As in, no weird stuff in there. Louie's favorite is Paw Lickin Chicken. It's pure shredded chicken. He's not a fan of pates. Hope that helps anyone!

Nov 30, 2012
Tiger, my picky eater
by: Jennifer

I once had a Lynx Point Siamese cat named Tiger who wouldn't eat his wet food if I took it out of the refrigerator. Apparently he liked his food at room temperature NOT cold.

I had to be sneaky to get him to eat it.


Jennifer, Max & Sonny (Siamese kittens)

Nov 30, 2012
picky eater
by: Anonymous

Oh how I laughed, when I read your post. It sounded as though you lived in my cats house. He also would only eat a few of the desirable Fancy Feast. I would almost cry, because he was so picky and quit eating. The vet told me to leave the food for 20 min. if he didn't eat it, put it in the fridge. When Trouble got hungry and meowed, put the same food down. Eventually he took the hint that I was not running a resturant and ate what I put in his place. Also, instead of picking out many different kinds, I figured out which one he liked the most and that is what he eats, daily. He is a cat and he doesn't care that there is no variety. Don't give in to your cat because they CAN be stubborn. Good luck. My cat is a happy eater and a big boy, now.

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