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Feb 06, 2012
normal cat instinct
by: Anonymous

Every cat I've ever had was terrified of the vacuum cleaner. Natural instinct. Its a horrendously scary and loud machine. Siamese cats are so smart, and they're not going to hear something that sounds dangerous without reacting accordingly.

In my experience girl kitties are more cautious than boys. I've had four girls and 2 boys over my lifetime, and the girls were all sweet as can be, but definitely more careful. I think this is more natural instinct kicking in. Maybe something to do with the maternal instinct would be my guess. Think of a female Lioness in the wild. They're protective and skittish, compared to males.

My boy kitties have both been ultra gregarious and curious. They'll walk up to total strangers and demand to be held.

Sounds like your kitty is being normal.

Feb 05, 2012
by: Beatrice

Hi there,

Both of my cats are terrified of the vacuum cleaner and the ironing board. Nothing on this earth will change them. Remember that they are so much smaller than a vacuum cleaner and they don't understand what it is and it is just so scary for them as it suctions all around them. They are being careful and sensitive and avoiding any dangers. Animals can only go on instinct and what they see. they have no comprehension of the function of a vacuum cleaner.

I lock my two in the conservatory when I take out the vacuum cleaner or lift out the ironing board.

Hope this helps.

Beatrice from Ireland.

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