My six month old Siamese Terror!!! Help!

by Malinda Smith
(Woodburn Oregon 97071)

My beautiful flame point six month old siamese London is really starting to worry me. He is the sweetest most loving kitty I have ever known but... He shows absolutley no reaction to training and repremand and he can sometimes be so aggresive he causes major injury to me and my family. I also have issues with the kitchen he will not stay off the counter no matter what I do. I have tried using a squirt bottle and all he does is get a pissed off look on hus little face. He will tear into any food thats out even bananas and oranges. At every meal I have to put him down off the table a thousand times. He jumps up and walks right over to share my dinner with me as though it weren't mine to begin with. Even after a thousand times he is un detered! He use to sleep with me every night right on my pillow wrapped around my head. But recently he has started going to the fish tank on my dressor and trying to catch my fish. Nothing I do stops him so I have the close him out of the room. I know he needs to be neutard and I have an appointment but I am un convinced that it will magically stop all of these issues. My mom acctually had to see a DR about a bite he gave her when she was visiting. I know he is very smart so there has to be some training method he will respond to! I adore him but I'm not going to be able to keep him if I can't help him learn manners. I'm a single mom I can't have a cat terrorizing my daughter and her friends! Can you help me?

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Feb 24, 2012
I know they love me
by: Kitty's Mom

The older my two flame points get, the more risks they take in flight high up, across a great expand. To the ceiling these gymnist need to go. They are experts at locating the nearest bridge to their trophy. Problem is my beautiful large vases I have stored up high are an attraction the boys just cant resist. They seem to know which ones are indeared. I have lost many beautiful objects in their nightly raids. I get so exasperated, and overwhelmed, from the crashes and picking up glass. On the counter oh yes. I can deal with that one. Getting wet dosen't detir them. I am a real cat lover, but I have never experienced any attention deficit Kittys. I got double trouble, with Heckle and Jeckle. I hope when they are fixed, they will simmer down.

Jun 26, 2010
shared problem
by: helena

hi malinda my cat looks exsactly like yours and I share the same problem with his behavior, to the point where I'm at my wits end. one minute he's really lovable the next he is a terror and nasty. I dont know why. I'm hoping that getting him desexed will help and that its just something they grow out of in time. I have found that time out helps. best of luck let me know how he is doing now he is desexed thanks Helena from Auistralia

Jan 17, 2010
Neutering May Help
by: Anonymous

Hi Malinda,
Neutering might just do the trick!! I have male cats and they do actually mellow out once they've been "fixed." If they are sprayers of urine, the neutering often deters them from doing that problem. My friend had a lilac point Siamese and sometimes you would walk by her and she would "slap" you for no reason at all. I suggest that people (especially your mom) announce herself to kitty before trying to pet him or pick him up out of the blue. Say "hi" to kitty and establish eye contact before touching him. Then when he knows she is there, slowly place her hand near and under his nose, so he can sniff her. Some cats have "sensitive" areas, so it's important to be observant and note where (when and how) he likes to be petted. Way behind the head is usually good, after he has sniffed your hand for a minute. As kitty gets more relaxed he may stretch out and let you pet more of his body. If kitty sprawls out and purrs that's great, but still proceed with caution. Some kitties are touchy about their bellies being touched. Just stay on your guard, until he feels really comfortable with you. I would get a cover for the fish tank so they can remain alive, As far as jumping on the counter, my cats also go and jump wherever they want, whenever. It's a shame the squirt bottle hasn't helped. You've probably gotten him neutered by now. Has it helped??? Six months of male kitty is very young and frisky. I hope thing are getting better. Let us know.
Peace Out from "Concerned Cat Lover"

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