My two 4-month old Siamese cats bite all the time

by Kimber
(Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

I have two 4-month old Siamese cats who bite me all the time. One is a female and one is a male. They are purring while they are biting. I thought they were just going to curl up with me and lay there, but just as I thought I was going to be falling asleep to them purring, my nose or lip or chin are getting bit. I don't like hitting, so I just tap them on the nose and say no but it doesn't affect them. The will turn right around and do it again. I'm not understanding why they are doing this. Is it because they are teething?

Please help.

Phoenix, Arizona

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Dec 19, 2012
They are just babies and are teething!!!
by: angelina diantonio

I rescued my Siamese brother and sister at just 4 months also.They were nibblers also.I was very loving and spoke with my mommy tone.NO NO do not hurt mommy,biting is not good.It took some time but it worked.Every once in a while while we are playing they will nibble and I say no no and stop playing .They will understand you just need time and patience.Find a nice teething ball or a couple cat balls for them to play with.Something they can not choke on!!!!

Dec 11, 2012
Put the babies in lock down for bed time
by: My2wins

I have two apple head siamese and they are as sweet as pie. They just turned one. At first, they were too jumpy and playful to sleep in my bed till they were at least 9 months. I tried several times but it always ended up in a wrestling match or someone climbing on my head. And I got bit a few times in their playfulness. I wonder if for your kittens maybe the biting is them asking you to play. I suggest putting them in a separate room at night, separate from you, but let them stay together to sleep until they're older and can settle down for the night. We put ours in a small bathroom with their litter box, water and lots of comfy bedding.

Now that they're old enough, they roam free at night. No more lock down at bed time. And no more tossling or biting us. They usually both come cuddle in bed and sleep in.

Dec 10, 2012
I have two Apple-head Siamese kittens both males
by: Jennifer

I bought two Apple-head Siamese kittens from the same breeder. One is 9 months old, Max and his half brother is 7 months old, Sonny.

Both kittens bite but Max was a TERRIBLE biter. He wouldn't break my skin but he broke the skin of my 85 year old Mother. She had to have a tetanus shot! Max bit my Mom until I got Sonny, now he bites him. I think that he is just playing but sometimes he is just too rough on Sonny.

To stop your kittens from biting, try using a water gun and it that doesn't work try sealing a pop can with coins inside and shaking it.

When you play with your kittens never use your hands, always use a toy such as a wand toy. So try playing with them more but don't hit them, it will make them meaner.

I hope this helped,


Dec 10, 2012
by: Beatrice

Not sure what this is. My Siamese bites me all of the time, she is not a bit cuddly, she has really sharp teeth. I have a funny feeling that a lot of Siamese that are being bred now, were bred for shows and their looks and certainly not like the old apple head Siamese that had lovely temperaments.

This may be their way of showing affection also, who knows. I am not sure if you will ever change them.

Kind regards,

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