New 4 Month old Siamese Seal Point Male Neutered

by Rachel

This is Sammy at his breeders home playing. He also likes to play with that toy at our house. It distracts him when the other cats aren't around he enjoys this game.

This is Sammy at his breeders home playing. He also likes to play with that toy at our house. It distracts him when the other cats aren't around he enjoys this game.

Two nights ago my fiance and I brought home a 4 month old seal point Siamese kitten named Sammy Boy, as well as a 2 month old female chocolate point female named ILenore. This question applies only to the seal point boy, as the female is in kitten oblivion and is acclimating just fine.

Yesterday was his first full day at our home. Whenever we picked up Sammy from his breeder, the breeder told us that my fiance should stand back because he is afraid of the deep voices of a man. She also said before we made arrangements to agree to adopt him that he was a very shy boy.

Now that he is home he has 2 new cats to adjust too. The 8 year old domestic short hair (that stays out of the way because she won't have the new cats yet) and the little 2 month old chocolate point girl. What's funny is that on the ride home they were both scared and meowing constantly, but when we put them together they never made another sound and cuddled with each other for comfort.Although, he did pee in that box on the blanket that was in there.

At home now, however, Sammy boy hisses at her and growls at us, the humans, although he likes to cuddle with us anyways. We have not seen him use the litter box, he hides a lot, and last night as he was sleeping in my bed he peed in it. I cannot understand why he did not use the liter box in two days and peed in my bed.

He is also not eating or drinking very much.

What is causing this? How can I make him stop peeing out side of the litter box? Again, he was taken from his home at 4 months, while the little girl was only 2 months, and he already had a reputation of being shy. I wonder why he was the last of the litter not to be picked. We want to love him and make him comfortable. Please help me and give me some advice.

Also, what is a remedy that works on pee smells for cat urine? Is Natures Miracle the best one? Or is there another one that I don't know about, such as a home remedy?

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Jan 25, 2012
1 Week has passed
by: Rachel (NYC)

And thanks to your suggestions he has not peed on my bed anymore, has been loving and affectionate extremely loud and demanding and just a pleasure to be around.

He still runs away when you walk towards him, but I know that eventually he will calm down and run up to US!

Jan 20, 2012
Day 4 of Sammy Boy's interaction at my house
by: Rachel (NYC)

Thank you for your comments. When he peed on my bed for the third time last night we confined him to the bathroom with nothing but his litter box. We saw him pee, took him with the blanket pee spot right next to his nose the whole way there, then took his litter box and rubbed the pee all over the litter and then put a cat pillow in there and kept him there all night. We will do this every night for a week, even though it feels really bad.
Good news though! This morning is the 1st time we ever saw his pee or poo in the litter box. He did BOTH!!!
ALSO! He, this morning, used the communal litter box! And is playing around the whole house. I am beyond excited. He is making so much progress and we were a little worried because of how shy he was!
This morning I let him into my room and watched him sniff around my bed to see if he would try to pee but he didn't. The door is closed off to him for a week though.
I would recommend that pharamone plug in to relax cats though, it seemed to bring him out and about, as well as the spray that I sprayed all over the house.
I do wonder though, if him finally using the communal litter box is a different way of marking his territory? ---- either way... this is success!

Jan 19, 2012
4 months neutered cat.
by: Beatrice

Hi there,

Male cats are notorious for marking their territory with pee. My Burmese who is 11 is the end. Last night he got up on the TV while we were watching our favourite programme and did a big long pee ( because we weren't paying him any attention) with the result that the TV seezed up for an hour. But to do it in the bed is unacceptable. He must be trained that he cannot do this.

Cats should be kept with their mothers until they are at least 12 weeks old as it is from her that they learn all about littering. He is in a new environment and feels very insecure and threatened and is desperatley marking his territory, but you must show him that each time he does this, it is unacceptable, otherwise he will continue to do this. Why is he in your bedroom at all ? Can't you confine him to one room of the house with the cat litter tray until he understands his boundaries, otherwise he will just be confused.Keep him away from the other cats for the time being.

Hope this helps.

Beatrice from Wicklow in Ireland.

Jan 19, 2012
Separate them
by: Anonymous

Any cat that you bring into a new environment should be sectioned off in its own room for a few days, with his own litterbox and food and water, to get used to the new smells and new people. He will use the litterbox eventually, but they usually hold it for a day or two!! Strange, but true! Slowly introduce the other 2 cats to him, with periods of time when he can be alone in his room (or wherever you section him off) so that he can calm down and feel secure again. Spend alone time with him in between, so he gains trust with you. He is peeing on things to mark his territory, because he has just been thrown into a new strange environment with 2 new cats, and he is trying to show dominance. They will eventually figure out their pecking order, but it will take time.

Jan 19, 2012
Day 3 of Sammy Boy's interaction at my house
by: Rachel (NYC)

Yesterday, while I was at work, my fiance threw away the bed sheets and took the bed sheets to the laundromat and bleached them twice.
He also went to the pet store and bought a plug in that emits pharamones and herbs that is calming to cats.

I called his breeder and told her about the litter box problem and she told me that I should switch from the fresh step to the recycled newspaper litter so I did. Along with that I took a bottle of the pharamone and herbal calming feline spray and sprayed it on myself, my bed, our couch, the litter box, the cats, the walls, the rugs, ... EVERYWHERE

Sammy started warming up, running up to me demanding affection and attention, purring very loudly and standing proudly until, of course, Leanore showed up.

When he growles I say "PSST!!!" very loudly and he jumps and stops... It distracts him each time.

Finally this morning after I cuddled with him I cuddled with her as he watched. He finally stopped growling at this interaction between she and I and distracted himself by playing with a toy.

I gave Elleanore a toilet paper roll to play with and he actually attempted to jump off the couch to play with it too, but he fell like a humpty dumpty and, embarrassed, I assuume, he returned to the couch to watch her play.

When I left for work this morning I locked the two in the same room, excluding my 8 year old cat to the other side of the house with her own food and litter box.

The only thing now, that I am curious to see, is if he will use his litter box at night without peeing in my bed since he was locked in the bathroom all night last night after he peed in my bed at midnight.

Finally while he was shut in the bathroom all night used that recycled newspaper cat litter box.

I hope he uses it tonight.

If you have any suggestions to making him stop peeing in my bed... please help. (he was neutered at a very young age I I don't know if they are still just marking the territory - i thought neutered cats didnt' do that... or if it is just that he is scared and unfamiliar with the new litter box habits.)

What are your thoughts, experiences?



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