New cat and a dachshund

We are in process of adopting an adult rescue Siamese. She is in a room away from the dachshund and the older male tuxedo cat. We've seen that our new cat can really jump, but thinks she's safe under the bed or cupboard where, if the dog got in her room, she could go after the cat easily. I'm not sure if the cat would instinctively jump to higher ground to avoid the dog? Our other cat gets chased by the dog some, but he swats at her at times. The dog has never hurt our other cat.

This new Siamese is so affectionate, and not shy, just goes under the bed when she hears the dog at the door of her room. I thought we could introduce the cats first using the suggestions on your sight(using scents) , then let the dog meet her same way, however keep the dog on a leash so she could get away. Our dog is aggressive and likes to hunt groundhogs etc. She's about 17 lbs. She also barks and whines.
What's your advice about introducing the cat to the dog?

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Dec 30, 2010
Picture of Boots
by: Lynn

If you have a problem attaching a picture of Boots from your end, you can send me pictures to my email at:

and I can add them to your page from this end.



Dec 30, 2010
My apologies for a late reply and thank you
by: Anonymous

The baby gate is still up. The new cat still hides from the dachshund, but she is a graceful jumper, and has hissed at the dog. By keeping the gate up in the hallway still we get that much needed exercise this time of year to get over the gate.
Thanks for your suggestions and asking for a picture of Boots. I'll see what I can do to post her picture. If not today, soon. I'll get my daughter to help.

Nov 20, 2010
new Siamese/dachshund
by: judy from long island

Put your new cat in a spare bedroom that can be closed when you're not there to supervise. Do not ever leave the new cat unsupervised with the dog. Have a baby-gate up so that you can leave the door open when you go into the room and your dog can't follow you in. Give your dog some treats right outside of the room at the baby-gate, but do not let her in. If your cat comes to the gate, don't let her jump over, but give your dog some treats on the other side of the gate. When you say that your dog is aggressive, what do you mean?? Does she bark only, does she seem to want to chase the cat or do you think she really means to harm the cat?

My German Shepherd will playfully chase my cats, but will back down if they stand up to her. (Go know!!) We don't know if your Dachshund really means business. These are dogs that were bred to chase critters; she gets along with your other cat, but it's not certain that she can be trusted. If things seem to be progressing, try feeding each one on separate sides of the baby gate so that you can assess your dog's reaction. Your main concern has to be your new cat's safety.

As long as you feel sure that your dog does not want to harm your cat, they will work it out; if you are uncertain, you must keep them separated and, perhaps get professional help to work this out.

Nov 20, 2010
by: angelina diantonio

Your new beauty sounds precious!!! Can we see pictures ? As for introducing the cat and dog I would go slowly.They might surprise u and become best friends.Either way the cat will let him no when enough is enough.

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