New cat in the house

by Sly
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

We have an 8 year old male Siamese cat and have recently introduced a new cat in the house. The newcomer was a feral cat (male) that we have been feeding for about 2 years and became very friendly and petable. We had him neutered and introduced in the house for about 4 months now.

At first, we have isolated him from our Siamese for a couple of weeks and the new cat was getting more confident to walk all around the house, but my Siamese started chasing him around, biting him. There is no growling or hissing however.

New cat now hides in the basement, afraid to come upstairs.

We have to isolate the Siamese in a diferent room to allow the new cat to come out and be fed.

Anything we can do to stop this behaviour???

Please help!

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