New Siamese cat very!

by Pamela

We have just adopted a 5 year old spayed female chocolate point Siamese. She has only been with us three days but she is the most nervous cat we've ever encountered, and we've kept rescue cats for decades. She has found every hiding place in the house...currently she's in the coat closet....and will only come out to eat or use the litter box at night.

This morning she allowed me to gently stroke her while she was in the closet, but she wasn't too thrilled about it.

We have "Feeliway" diffusing throughout the house, which the vet recommended to reduce her anxiety.

I know this process might take a while, but I'd welcome any advice from experienced Siamese owners. We've had a Siamese cross before but this is our first pure bred.

No picture currently as we've had no opportunity to take one!!

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Feb 15, 2020
Shy nervous Siamese Cat
by: Lynn

Pamela, you are doing everything you can. Like you said progress is being made, and that is all that matters. She will learn to trust you, it sounds like maybe she has been abused in the past. Cats have such complicated personalities.


Feb 13, 2020
by: Pamela

Thanks Lynn. We've made progress. We've isolated her in one room for now and we go in & out regularly. There's nowhere in there that she can squeeze under and she's taken to the new bed we got her. She will now eat while I'm in the room & will allow petting, but she bites! She's purring at the same time so I think it's meant to be affectionate, but if I stop petting & say 'no' she cringes, which I hate to see. I've been leaving the room & then returning after a there anything else I can do?

Feb 11, 2020
by: Anonymous

My Siamese is 14 and still skiddish. Calmly invite yourself into her defined safe spot. Little by little and snuggle. My little girl loves to sit on my lap. She doesn’t like massive snuggling still but will tolerate it out of love for us humans. I have one other 15yr old girl, Burmese. They love each other and snuggle a lot!

Feb 10, 2020
Shy nervous Siamese Cat
by: Lynn

Hi Pamela,

That is so awesome that you keep rescue cats and have rescued this one. I have a multi cat home. And Siamese are cats just like other cats though it seems they are more temperamental. Its as if everything is larger than life for them, they are the drama queens of the house.

You seem to know exactly what to do. I also use feliway on occasions, it has worked great with my male cats.

It's going to take time and patients. Try to sneak in a few pets when you can. Eventually she will feel safe. I think that Siamese do not take change very well, though cats typically are such habitual creatures. But like I said, emotions seem to be more intense with them.

Thanks for finding my site, and keep us updated.


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