Newly adopted six month siamese kitten

by Linda

I've adopted a five month siamese kitten that refuses to come out from under my bed during the day all the time. She only comes out at night!! Ive had her for two weeks now,she seems very uncomfortable out in the open. Any suggestions/

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Jun 05, 2011
Your siamese
by: Anonymous

Aloha Linda, your blue lynx point siamese is beautiful and looks like my beloved siamese who pass away in Nov. Since then, I have been aching in seach of another kitten that looked like my late cat. I rescued him at 7/8weeks old and he lived to be 15. I hopelessly need to know where you got your kitten as I having a hard time finding one in Hawaii.


Jan 28, 2011
Cutie pie
by: judy from long island

Your new kitty is adorable. You don't talk about where she came from. Was it a rescue or was she in a home? She may not have had a lot of experience as a housecat. In any case, don't force yourself on her, make sure that food, water and litter box are available and she will come around. Let us know what happens.

Jan 28, 2011
holy cuteness !!!!!!!
by: angelina diantonio

Let her be she will come out when she is ready.My kittens were afraid for a few weeks.They are now 10 months old and rule the house !!!!! lol

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