how big do siamese cats get? i have a 7 month old male siames cat and i was wondering how big he will get

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Jan 22, 2011
Adult Weight
by: Anonymous

Meow fellow Siamese devote,

Since age of 5 my family has always had Siamese, various color points. The traditional applehead have been bigger boned and solid, the males up to 15-18 pounds of pure love. The first red point male we got was a 'super sumo', 25 pounds. We had to buy a dog harness for walks. THis was extreme, yet he was the gentlest of all. Later years as the body type becomes bred for angular face and 'supermodel skinny' they were smaller cats. Recent pets now are 8-10 pounds. The terrific Siamese personality is still there.

Best guess is to meet both parents, that will give a better idea as to what size you new bundle of joy will grow to.

Mui Mui, and Laima

Jan 21, 2011
by: nicole

thanks. he had some really bad bowel issues when i first got him.. he finally started adding the pounds. thank god.

Jan 21, 2011
by: angelina diantonio

Just like people animals all have different frames and body sizes.My 9 month old male I would estimate at around 12 pounds.Now that you asked this question I will have to get him weighed.He looks normal size.My 2 cats before each weighed 8 pounds but were small.It all depends.Both he and my female Siamese are gorgeous and both have normal size body structure.I would say anywhere from 15 pounds to 20.

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