Night Howling

by Caitlin
(Trenton, MI)

I have a two year old Siamese mix that I have had for about three months. Her name is Mitten and she is a very good natured cat but at night she will walk around the house and howl. Some nights are worse than others but it is a pretty regular thing for her. I know she is not in heat because she is fixed, and I know Siamese cats are vocal but is there anyway I can try to get her to be a little less vocal at night?

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Sep 21, 2011
Cats are usually vocal at nite .
by: angelina diantonio

Cats are nocturnal.They normally have fun and are vocal at nite.You have had her for only 3 months.It is not enough time yet .Does she sleep with you ? I used to have 2 cats and both were nite owls when I rescued them.It took a while but we all blended on the same schedule. Then they sleep with me at nite. You will all adjust .Just give it time.

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