Older Siamese kitten won't bond with me

by Jennifer

Max and Sonny

Max and Sonny

I got two half-brothers from a Traditional Siamese cat breeder. Max is 38 weeks old and Sonny is 29 weeks old. Sonny is very sweet and playful. He bonded with both me and my Mom but Max has only bonded with my Mom. I'm very disappointed and hurt. My Mom thinks it was because I got Sonny and he's jealous.

Do you think that's true? What can I do to bond with Max?

Please HELP, I want to bond with both of my boys


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Dec 03, 2012
Both are gorgeous!!
by: angelina diantonio

Time heals everything!!! My first two rescues took months to bond with me. I talked to them all the time and just let them be.One day they just jumped on my lap and we were all best buds for 12 years till they went to heaven!!! I had one mamas girl and one papas girl but we all blended as a family.It just took time and patience. I was hurt at first. My Aunt rescues and told me to make sure they had food,water and a clean litter box. She said the rest will all fall into place over time and it did.Good luck and keep us posted.

Dec 03, 2012
Give them time.
by: angelina diantonio

You will all blend as a family soon.Just give them love and they will love you back!!!!

Nov 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

Both your kittens are really pretty. They look very happy and content in their little basket. I think you just have to give the older cat time. Siamese cats do tend to bond to one person. I am not sure why that is. Maybe your older kitten senses that the younger one has bonded more with you. I have two Siamese cats myself. The older one loves my husband and doesn't seem to bother with me. Strange really because my husband never really wanted a cat in the first place. My younger cat is my cat and follows me everywhere. Siamese do seem to choose their owners.
In time the older cat will warm to you but my guess is he will always be your mums boy. My older cat only comes to me to be cuddled when my husband is out. Your babbies look like they really love each other so they will never be lonley.

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