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Jan 05, 2012
One-Person Siamese
by: Anonymous

It's not unusual at all. Siamese are very loyal when they love their person. Yours may eventually respond to your fiance but always keep the main attachment to you. One of my four Siamese loves being around other people, but his loyalty is to me. He owns me and makes that clear! :)

Jan 03, 2012
by: Anonymous

My mom has a siamese cat and he spends most of his time with her and if you google it, it is true that they usually bond to one human.

Jan 03, 2012
Give the cat time.
by: angelina diantonio

Give the cat some time and you will all blend together as a family.It could take a month or maybe 3 months .Everything will be just fine and the cat will love both of you soon.

Jan 03, 2012
My kitten
by: Namuran

My kitten is a family cat. However he does not go to any our guests.

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