Our Precious Laia

by Vicky Kelsheimer
(Decatur IL)

Laia playing a game we call

Laia playing a game we call

We have a male lilac siamese cat named "Laia", yes we didn't know he was a he until he grew up and it was too late to change his name. My story is how Laia gives himself "Time Outs" in our bathroom. He is really sweet and really rotten all rolled into one. As he was growing up he would constantly attack and bite on our female cat "Precious", just playing but he plays rough because he is so big and strong. Well, I would get tired of hearing her scream bloody murder when he would go after her so I would put Laia in time out in the bathroom for 5 minutes with the door closed to get him to calm down a bit. So he learned how to close the bathroom door and open it and so now when he gets to crazy and needs to chill out or calm down he puts himself in the bathroom and closes the door behind him. When he is better he comes out and goes on his merry way. Hilarious:)

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Feb 24, 2011
by: angelina diantonio

Love it !!!!

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