Our Siamese mamma catt missing her kittens

by Dana

9 weeks ago, my husband and I found a young siamese cat and her 5 newborn kittens in our garden and we took them in and cared for them until recently we had to find another foster home for the kittens (as we are expecting our own baby in a month and we already have 1 cat). We were exstatic to have found an amazing new home as quickly as we did. As heartbreaking as it was for us to see them go, our mamma kitten is expressing the same emotions as us. I knew nothing about siamese before taking her in and noticed her starting to 'talk' a lot as soon as the kittens started eating kitten food. But it has increased in the past week now that the kittens are gone. I realize part of her doing it so much now, is because she misses them and is looking for them. She sleeps part of the night but starts talking again around 3 am. We ignore it as best as we can, but this is pretty dissruptive and soon enough when we have our baby, this probably won't be as easy to ignore. My question is, is there a way we can resolve this 'talking' in the middle of the night issue, or is this what we should always expect??

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