by Beatrice Aird OHanlon
(Delgany, Co. Wicklow, Ireland)

Pandy is out Chocolate Point Siamese cat. We travelled by sea and car to collect her from the UK. We live in Ireland. Since she has arrived to us, she has been a great hit, but her one weakness is food. She is obsessed with it. Nothing escapes her little rose-bud mouth.

In the morning, sachets of food are sucked dry in the kitchen, their contents having long ago been digested. She will not bother with the cheaper brands of food, she'll leave that to the Lilac Burmese, but she knows which brands are the most exclusive and expensive.

Each morning her igloo is full of items she has collected during the night: clothes pegs, paper, envelopes, corks, tissues, and anything which she can find.

We took her to the cat show and she had "CNH" after her name. This means "Could not Handle" due to biting. I think this was part of the eating obsession.

However, despite her gargantuan appeatite, she is still as sleek and sylph-like as her breed should me, with the most beautiful forget-me-not coloured eyes imaginable.

No more news for now.

Beatrice from Wicklow, in Ireland.

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Jan 22, 2012
Hi Pandy
by: Fuloos

Thank You Pandy and Beatrice for bringing me to your web page. I love it and I see lots and lots of great stuff about us Siamese.
Now I can see how things are going for you and what tricks you are up too. This is great Do keep an eye on my site also at : as I update my news and continue to build it. Of course it's not as great as this site, as it is a free site and I'm limited in what I can put there.Of course I will let you know how I get on at the Limerick Show next month. The first Irish TICA Cat Show is 01 April 2012 at the City West Hotel. Do check it out here on the Internet. Even if you do not enter perhaps you might like to visit me there !!!I would love that. I have entered that show already. Now I stop here. A Big Nose Kiss Pandy.
Meow, Meow,

Jan 06, 2012
Paddy and the Lilac Burmese.
by: Anonymous

Hi Beatrice

Siamese do seem to love their food. My cat also won't eat the cheap brands. They are very classy cats. I love the fact that your cat steal things and hide then in there bed. They are very clever.
I have not seen a Lilac Burmese before do you have pictures of them.

Jan 04, 2012
Blue Burmese and Siamese
by: Beatrice owner of Pandy

Hi there,

It is so sad when you lose an animal and especially one as precious as your lovely Burmese and only at 8 months old. I am glad that you have a little companion for your Burmese, Roxie. However back here, my Lilac Burmese simply cannot stand Pandy, the Siamese. He is a crochety 11 year old Alpha male and did not grieve at all when his half brother, a beautiful chocolate Burmese, called Kim, died at only 9 years of age. However having said that, when it is a question of comfort, with those gale force winds howling outside, the two of them cuddle up togehter in their sheep-skin as happy as clams. Cup-board love at its best.

I think that both your cats get along as they are nearer each other's age and are both females. There is no rivalry between them. I agree with you about the Burmese, they are a fantastic breed, but terrific hunters. The devastation wrought in our garden among the birds was catastrophic when the "boys" were in their hey-day. I cringe now when I think of it. I wouldn't get another Burmese again because of this characteristic, but having said that, my Lilac is just the cutest puss ever, he has the lovely old apple head and has won rosettes in all of the major cat shows here, which are festooned on to all of the doors in the kitchen.

Talk soon.


Jan 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hi There.
I was just wondering how your burmese and siamese interact. I have a Blue Burmese and a Chocolate-Point Siamese. They love each other so much. I feel like the Burmese patience really balances out the Siamese hyperness. I bought my Burmese baby with her sister, a Platinum. The breeder, though she denies this, had someone near the kittens who was exposed to FIP. So sad. The little sister died at 8 months old. The Blue was so destroyed without her sister that somehow the fates dropped this little Siamese girl into my lap. She was just the answer for my blue Blue Burmese :) They have to go everywhere together ! The vet is really understanding and special and she knows when one cat has an appointment, the other "sister" will always be along to accompany the other. I love them and am so blessed to be the keeper ! I have two boys (now 24 and 20 yrs old) and they just love these two cats so much ! The Burmese "Roxie" is now 6 years old and the Siamese "Tansie" is now 5 years old. How times flies.... My Tansie would everything she could but I am really careful with her and have to "babyproof" everything in the house, especially those twistie ties that come on a loaf of bread. Very, very dangerous ! Both cats only eat one type and flavor of cat food. Friskies canned Chicken bits. That's it. The vet has said not to worry about it. I can imagine Tansie would get uppity without Roxie but they are the perfect compliment to each other. Please post pix of your cats ! I really love the Burmese breed... this is the first Siamese I have ever owned. I am always amazed by something she does. She is so smart but a bit scaredy. She does not like men; other than the boys and their friends. She loves women and eventually warms up to the men but it takes a long time. So if there are workers, she will be found hidden in the corner of the sofa or under a bed in the farthest regions :) Look forward to hearing more about your kitties.

Jan 04, 2012
Great stories.
by: angelina diantonio

We need more stories and we love pictures !!!!!

Jan 04, 2012
by: Beatrice

Just thought that I would add something to my original blog. Pandy is the original, as we say in Ireland "Hurler on the Ditch" he/she who watches the battle or match from the side line and comments. Of course, there is an excuse, she is simply not allowed out of doors!ATTLE. Today she is glued to the pane of glass on the front door, while the Lilac Burmese and the local "Red Tom" slug it out under the car, like two ancient gladiators. They must have gone through every octave on a musical score at this stage with Madame joining in, her little cappucino ears completely flattened on her wedge shaped head, total concentration, until "Red Tom" slunk away furtively from the other end of the car.

Then Lilac Burmese comes in delighted with himself, his tail as big and fluffy and shapely as the Christmas tree, heads straight for the box of sachets in the kitchen and rubs up against them, reminding me that his endeavours should be rewarded. After all he is Top Gun Joe when it comes to keeping all locals at bay!!!

Keep you posted on the goings on in the cat world in Co. Wicklow.


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