Peanut, the shadow.

by brandy
(monroe, michigan, united states)

skeeter is the gray and white cat, and peanut is the other cat

skeeter is the gray and white cat, and peanut is the other cat

a few months back, a friend of my moms found a stray siamese kitten and had asked her to see if my mom wanted him. of course, my mom brought the baby kitten in the home. peanut was scared to be in a new home at first and he would hide under our living room chair so we couldnt find him. we do have another cat named skeeter, and he was jealous for a couple of weeks and didnt want nothing to do with me, my mom and brother, even peanut. skeeter finally came around every passing day, including getting along with peanut. peanut looks for trouble, but we still love him. peanut will follow me around wherever i go. it doesnt matter if im going into the bathroom, or my moms room, or wherever. he was constantly there. now, peanut and skeeter gets along really well, and now, both boys are close as can be.

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Jan 10, 2010
that's a story with a happy ending
by: Michelle

I was thrilled to read this story. I now have 2 delightful 100% pure Siamese Seal Point Kittens, (SID & NANCY) Now aged 3 1/2 months of age. My 3 moggies, who began their lives as un-loved/starved Ferrell kittens, are still very jealous of my beloved Siamese. I cannot bare to part with my 3 moggies and I am giving them as much love as I can, hoping and praying that they will in the end accept Sid & Nancy, my royal blue-blood Siamese.

Dec 24, 2009
Very cute boys!
by: Anonymous

Very sweet story, "Peanut" is a very cute name

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