"PEARL"at six weeks old

by george lyne
(ozark mountains; arkansas)

did you say shrimp?

did you say shrimp?

from helpless kitty to queen in a week

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Jun 18, 2010
pearl at 6 weeks
by: george

she started REALLY climbing and sitting on my shoulder yesterday (6-17-10)...i just put my leg out and tap my foot and up she comes...these are amazingly intelligent animals!

Jun 18, 2010
make way
by: Darnel W.

Buy 8 weeks she'll be on your shoulder as if she was always meant to be there. That's where my Miko hangs out a lot of the time. She really likes being up there. As I'm sure Pearl will love to be as well.

Jun 16, 2010
by: Lynn

It looks like Pearl already has you trained.

She is so precious!

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