Pedigree Siamese with White Tip on Tail

by Julie Collier

My pedigree seal point Siamese has a white tip on his tail. Any idea why.

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Aug 07, 2021

by: Lynn

He sure is a pretty boy. This is the first time I have ever heard a pure breed Siamese with this.

I did find one place that talked about this.

Here is the information I found.

"Congenital optical anomalies of Siamese cats/ Thai cats

Occasionally, you find Thai cats with little white spots on paws or tails.

Since the cats are genetically without white (s/s), these white spots have to be polygenetically predisposed. Such "slips" unfortunately still occur most commonly with races without admitted piebald white spotting. (Nowadays, Siamese cat with white in some associations is recognized as Seychellois.)

Thus, the mode of inheritance will be undetected for a long time because a long and far going back pedigree would be necessary, for this defect may not occur for 10-20 Generationen and more."

Katzengenetik Teil 16

So I looked up Seychellois
Here is a link to the Seychellois Cat.

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