Pregnant or Not?

its been a week since i adopted a Siamese cat, and it seems like shes 3wks pregnant with all the symptoms of a pregnant cat. like having a bulge and pinkish nipple.but my Siamese is in heat only yesterday. could it be possible for a cat to be in heat while pregnant? I'm confused.

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Mar 01, 2012
Pregnant or not NEW
by: Beatrice

It's hard to know with cats, sounds like she's in oestrus, rather than a pregnancy, but they can be impregnated by various toms over the course of their oestrus period. Best wait a while and see, you'll soon know if kitties are on the way, but rather than keep feeling her tummy, take her to the vet and have her assessed. They symptoms of oestrus can mimic a type of pregnancy when in heat as well.

Kind regards,

Beatrice from Ireland.

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