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Jul 04, 2016
Very Cute
by: Anonymous

This is a very nice and interesting information. Keep up the good work.

Mar 17, 2016
Soft paws work when applied properly!
by: Anonymous

Hello there! Lily is beautiful, and ironically one of my own cat's names is Lily. I use soft paws on my cats, although I have a hard time putting them one (this sometimes prevents me from going through the trouble for a couple months, lol!). The past few months my 3 cats have gone without them, but I just came home to visit my family, and one of my darlings, Reiki, is battling cancer, so I needed to bring her with me to give her meds twice a day (the other 2 are with my housemate). Anyhow, where I am now, my family has furniture that was already once reupholstered from when my cats used to live there, so I took Reiki to her local vet after purchasing the soft paws, they applied them for me, and Reiki has been enjoying her day here at the beach without a problem, and has not tugged to get them off. In terms of your kitty, you may want to make sure they are being applied correctly, because if they are not, then they certainly could be uncomfortable. One tip that is not on the package is that oftentimes it is a good idea to trim the end of the soft paw cap that is not covering the nail. (i.e. NOT the part that covers the tip of the claw of course, that would be pointless!) When you trim the proper end, you make sure that the claw cover focuses on the sharp part of the claw, and that it does not come in contact with the more skin-part of the claw that retracts and extends, making the soft paw even less noticeable to the cat, almost like a thick layer of nail polish. Also, do not apply too much glue, because when the claw cover is applied, it can leak out unbeknownst to you as it is drying and make contact with that same area of skin I just referred to above. Hope this helps! If there was a way for me to share photos or videos of Reiki with them on, and clearly unbothered, I would!

Sep 14, 2012
I love soft paws
by: Anonymous

I saw this thread and had to comment. I was at my wits end with my little ones. I have 2 manx stub tail cats 5 and 2yrs old and I love them to death. I live in an apt and they started destroying the carpet in multiple places and were putting scratch marks all over my new leather couch. I bought these and they fit right over there nails. They try to get them off for the first 15min after but then they go back to business as usual. They still mimic the scratching behavior but they don't ruin anything.

I don't think this is the ideal situation for them but it doesn't physically hurt them and I am much happier, as is my couch, and im sure the apt complex will be happy to see there carpet still intact. they fall off a couple of weeks later and I just vacuum up the old ones and put new ones on. Its just like people putting on acrylic fake nails. Having a cat spayed or neutered isn't natural for cats either, but I think if you could ask them they'd tell you its for the best. I think the same of these softpaws.

Feb 14, 2012
by: Andria

I'm sorry but this is very funny. She is too smart for the fake nails and its clear she knows they are there and she does not like them. Sounds like ur kitty has nuch personality. I only hope you dont have a Pc. of wicker in your Apt. because she will kill it.
LOL I have had a few pieces of wicker and I know better now. You can get on her and talk to her with authority but . . . chances are she is going to keep picking at something. No matter how much I told my cat to stop! she would keep digging her claws into my wicker night stand and a wicker trunk. I still have it. . . its just now, kitty decorated. I dont even care that she does it now I just let her. I still love her and she is more important than the wicker. Thats the bottom line.
Dont worry your kitty will get better with age but right now its just being its self.

Feb 04, 2012
Soft Paws.
by: Beatrice

Hi there,

Lily is a lovely cat. I have two cats, a Siamese and a Burmese and so far I have spent nearly 500.00 Euros on having my chairs re-covered because of them. They have done untold damage in the house and no matter what I buy for them from the pet-shop, you can't beat a nice re-upholstered Victorian suite of furniture which has recently been re-covered, the pull and newness is just too much of a temptation for their little claws!!!. I think that the soft paws is ridiculous and whatever vet invented them should be crossed off the veterinary register. It is cruel, cats will be cats. Just shout at Lily and roar at her when she goes to sharpen her claws and she will soon learn, the tone of the voice and the consistency of the rebuke. They are intelligent animals. She was dead right to get rid of these silly marketing gadgets.

Kind regards,

Beatrice from Ireland.

Feb 03, 2012
acceptance and
by: my2wins

I saw the soft paws at PetSmart and at first it looked like a good idea (on paper), but in reality I think its a marketing ploy and will not work. I think you should stop trying. Imagine if someone superglued giant plastic chips on your nails. You'd spend all day trying to get them off, and it would never feel good.

Have you tried getting her a big scratching/climbing post? They're about $100 but well worth it. Put a few around your house if you have the room.

Whatever you do, never declaw, but I think you know that.

I have two new siamese kittens, and they are wreaking havoc in my house (in a cute and fun way). I used to be pristine about keeping everything nice and was borderline OCD before I had these cats. What I realized is that its a no-win battle if I keep up my pristine ways.

After about two months of cringing and trying to keep them from doing damage, and gave up and recently put all my good stuff out of reach, and I'm letting the rest of it go. I even stopped keeping them off my pillows as of this morning. That was a huge step. there's no keeping kittens off pillows, and I just realized I need to relax about a lot more things.

I resigned myself to the fact that things are just going to get messed up until they are older. All of it is replaceable. Rather than try to fight it with artifical ways like expensive ineffective fake kitty nails, I'm trying to embrace it by letting go of my concern.

Every time they gallop across my new bedspread and I hear the thread getting pulled as their nails get stuck, I still cringe. But I'm letting it go in terms of fighting it, and I'll wait till they're out of this phase, even a few years, then replace the damaged stuff and enjoy my precious friends.

I seriously considered the Soft Paws, and then I realized I needed a reality check. Its not a long term solution and it will only drive you mad. Let go, let god, let cats play. :}

Hope this helps!

ps. she is really gorgeous. You are very lucky to have such a spectacular cat. She's well worth the damage she does :}

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