Question about my cat.

by Brenda J
(McGregor Iowa)

My Mischief

My Mischief

I have a cat who I estimate is about 2 or 3 years old. I'm not exactly sure because she was a stray when I found her. We believe she was lost when there was some flooding in our town. I'm just not sure what her background is, but I have reason to believe she has some Siamese in her. My question is does Purebred Siamese follow you where ever you go, and get under your feet and if you walk away from them almost yell at you because you walked away? Its almost like if you ignore you she will come up with a way of getting your attention. She is always finding things to climb on whether it is a person, desk, entertainment center or book shelves and doors. But she is always trying to get the other 2 cats or my Labrador Retriever to play with her. She tends to get herself in trouble all the time. AND she loves to chew on cords or whatever she can find to chew on. I am always having to take things away from her. It is like having a 2 year old in the house. Does any of this sound like a Siamese. I have told people that have met her that she does not have an attitude problem but a catitude problem.

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Oct 13, 2015
Question about my cat. NEW
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Jun 21, 2010
Siamese personality
by: Lynn

It sounds like she is a Siamese.

go to my "Siamese Cat Personality" page

If you have sound you can listen to the video about Siamese Cats. If you do not want to listen to the video than click on it and it will stop.

I hope this helps.


Mar 07, 2010
cute kitty
by: Anonymous

I don't know about your questions becuz I've only had my Siamese for about a month but she doesn't follow me around usually, she's very well trained and never chews anything. She does not like when we are at work and is alone for the day. She has an attitude for about an hour, stay's under our bed, then come's out on my lap. She lay's on the heater vent, favorite place to be and just loves everyone. She hugs us. All cats are sweeties (well most) and have their own personality's. I thought Siamese just have blue eye's...

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