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Dec 24, 2011
by: Lynn

Here is the page on aggressive cat behavior, go down towards the bottom where is says "Petting induced aggression"

Some cats have this "petting induced aggression" you can be petting them for a few minutes and then all of a sudden they bite you, my calico kitty has this. You must look for the signs... there are some, so please read it.

Dec 20, 2011
Dont worrey
by: ADi

As Miss mentioned above, its their way of playing, they try to bite, not aggressively, but politely.
My Siamese started to bite one day few days back, but i did as Miss also mentioned me what she do, No no biting mommy :), i did as well, i pretended that its hurts n told him not to bite, NO Biting MoMo, Now he just gently take my fingers or hand in his mouth sometimes but dont bite, not even to my family members aswell, its kind of a pleasure to me (^_^).

Dec 19, 2011
How old is the cat?
by: angelina diantonio

Cats play just like children.I say no ,no ,do not bite mommy.Mine are just a year old and have very sharp teeth.

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