Ragamese or lynx point Siamese? Please help me figure out the breed :)

by T.Kucey
(BC Canada)

Ragamese or lynx point Siamese

Ragamese or lynx point Siamese

I've a question and wonder if you siamese cross experts can help?

I have in my care for the next few days two 11week old foster babies. I think they are likely Ragamese ragdoll/siamese but maybe are a cream-colored Lynx Point Siamese?

No back story other than the person they were rescued from would not give up the mom. So likely a backyard breeder trying to bail on the not so 'perfect' kittens. Both babies bro/sis have a genetic mutation with bendy or short tails.

Everyone is happy the kittens were rescued! And I am happy I get to care for them and maybe adopt them also. Problem is while Id love 2 cats, I cant have 2 20lb cats in my small apartment.

With no backstory and their very fluffy appearance, I wonder if these 2 are part Ragdoll. After researching I found many backyard breeders are intentionally selling Ragamese to make money from people who can't afford purebreds. seriously, what is wrong with humans?

So that may be the case. Or you may know if there is a type of siamese that these two could be. For instance, a cream-colored Lynx Point Siamese who looks fluffy as a kitten but grows into their Siamese traits.

I don't know, but I'd love your feedback and expertise!

ps- both definitely have siamese in them. They have the blue siamese eyes with a slight cross and some tendencies, boy likes to pee only on smooth surfaces and sis likes to suck on her bro's toes which could be weaning problems or the wool sucking trait

the photo shows boy on the orange and girl asleep on my hand :)

And thanks for your time here and to Lynn for a great website!

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Oct 22, 2019
Lynx Point Siamese
by: Lynn

I bet they are adorable, its fun watching them grow.

Oct 21, 2019
Lynx Points they were
by: Anonymous

Thanks Lynne - turns out they were Lynxies! Theyve actually been adopted out [I was the foster mom] to a happy mom and son.

I thought they were amazing and Ill be looking to adopt my own little one soon.

Aug 25, 2019

by: Lynn

Oh my gosh, they are so adorable. Thank you so much for posting this and finding my sight. They look like lynx point Siamese. Kittens tend to be fluffier. However, that does not mean they are full-blooded. I've recently been corresponding to someone who had a cross between a beautiful black cat, and a Seal Lynx Point. The kittens all looked like lynx point. One blue and one seal. Adorable!!!

Though you have presented to me information that I never knew before which is the Ragmese. What an interesting mix. Hymalians also tend to have that laid back demeanor.

It seems like ragdolls might have other colorations on their paws and face.

I guess the best thing is to see what they grow into. Regardless they are such adorable babies and I am sure they will be well-loved.

Thanks for being a foster-mom/rescuer, I admire you so much for what you do.


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