by Robin Wolf
(Lincoln, RI)

I have two Siamese cats: one is 1 year and the other is 11 months. We have had our cats since they were six months old and have had no litter pan issues.

Just recently, one or both of them have begun defecating on the same spot on my living room rug. I have cleaned the area thoroughly and have even sprayed lemon-scented cleaner on the spot. This has mostly happened while we were sleeping, but today it happened after I left the house, and my daughter was sleeping upstairs.

I am very disturbed about this. The litter box is always immaculate and has been kept in the same place since they were kittens.

Thank you for your help.
Robin Wolf

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Jul 31, 2012
You need a VET asap. NEW
by: angelina diantonio

The cat may be having health problems.Get to a Vet asap!!!!Keep us posted! Good luck!

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