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Jan 28, 2012
Let the cat eat what he likes.
by: angelina diantonio

I lost my last two cats to the Iams recall.They were so sick and suffered.It cost me about $10,000 in a year and a half in vet bills.I am not complaining they were my babies.Iams did nothing but take the wet food off the shelves. My new kittens I feed dry food to.I give them tuna every once in a while.If we have chicken they get a bit.I think you should feed the cat what he likes.I started off with the more expensive dry cat foods and mine were not happy.I found one they like and I am sticking with it.We are also in a recession.I am not sure about you but I live paycheck to paycheck.I can barely feed my family at times.The Blu food is a great dry food.Stick with it.

Jan 26, 2012
Tutorial on Dry vs Wet food: a primer
by: my2wins

read the nutrition article on

Entitled "Feeding Your Cat: Know The Basics of Feline Nutrition"

My strong point of view after reading the above and researching for hours and hours over the past 2 months is that Dry food is very unhealthy for cats. I would do everything possible to get my cat on a premium grain free wet (canned) or raw food.

The canned foods that are the very best are have no grains (no wheat, no rice, no oats, no peas, no potato, no corn, no tapioca, and minimal vegetation or fillers) are as follows:

1. BG (Before Grain)
2. EVO 95%
3. Wellness (look for "grain free" yellow triangle")

1. Nature's Variety Instinct
2. Rad Cat (expensive but best)

There is no such thing as a healthy dry cat food. But of all the options, one I found that seems to be "the least unhealthy" is Wellness Core Grain Free Feline. I keep a small bag in the fridge for occasional use, and eventually I will not have any once the bag is gone. Dry food can have also grow mold and cause allergies and worse so keep it refrigerated (if you keep it at all.)

Innova EVO grain free is also good but high fat and not the best dry option but I'd say second "least-worst" dry food.

Do not use the Purina or off the shelf cat food, as it has nothing but crap in it. You are feeding your cat garbage. BUT, according to the article, the garbage wet food is better than any dry food.

And for tooth care, give them things to chew. I cut up small sizes of chicken jerky (dog treats) from Trader Joes. There are alot of things you can do for teeth, and feeding dry food is not one of them (no more than feeding your toddler hard crackers is good for their teeth).

The amount of additional money and effort you put into premium food WILL save you thousands in vet bills and will add years of healthy time to your cat's life.

I only wish I had known all this sooner in life. My previous cats were on dry food only, and I thought it was what was best. Even today my vet tells me dry food is good for teeth, and I realize that they only know what they were taught in school. If you take a hands on approach and study the research as I did, including the article above which is what started me on the journey, you will truly see how the nutrition of your cat is a life or death matter.

Hope this helps.

Jan 26, 2012
obin-Rhone Island.
by: Beatrice

This is fantastic, he will get all of his nutrition as well as having very healthy gums but be sure to give him plenty of water. You will also have a much less food bill. My vet has been trying to get my Siamese on to dry food for ages now, but she is not interested, with the result that she gets sores on her gums all of the time. But I succumb to her cries and just open another sachet.

Well done, They do not need any wet food which is mostly full of rubbish.

Hope this helps.

Beatrice from Ireland.

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