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by roger harry arm
(quenns county, nyc usa)

yesterday, i got a siamese cat from a friend. as the friend was where placed everything the siamese cat would need. he release the cat from the cage she "HARA" went to her mattress and stayed there on the mattress 10 seconds. then HARA came walking by me as my friend was showing where he place everything HARA would need. HARA got off the mattress where she is supposed sleep. stopped in front of me. for ten seconds i petted her head and her back with 3 inches of hair/fur. HARA walked out of the kitchen. I could not follow her because my friend was illegally doubled parked his car and to leave quickly. so i have not seen HARA. At 2:30 am i awakened by myself, i heard foot steps. I knew it was HARA but i did want to frighten/stop her from doing what HARA want o do, so i remained bed. when i awakened and ate breakfast this mornin 12/6/11, i found Purina cat pellets on the floor so at least she ate food. the water was not touched. how do i make contact with a hiding cat? HARA does not make any cat sounds so i cannot find her in my apartment. I got HARA 7:30 yesterda in the evening. i want play with her but cannot find her.

going to petland/toys r us. which toys should i buy her for her have fun playing?

I have a friend HARA whom i only met 30 seconds. HOW DO I GET HER TO COME OUT OF HIDING AND COME TO ME? SHE MAKES NO CAT SOUNDS SO I CANNOT FIND HER. I HAVE AN OLD 1937 four room apartment with computer equipment and hundreds of books.

how do i make contact with HARA, cannot find her as she makes no cat noise so i have no clue where she is hiding.

this is first which i have ever had and i love cats. my mother was allegic to cats and dogs so i never had a pet.

PLEASE ADVISE HOW FIND/CONTACT HARA. I want to love her and positively play with her. 718-786-6038 call 24/7 all calls welcome

i play classic music and trade the stock market all day. any advice would be greatly appreciated. i read that when you leave your house/apartment, turn on the television so the cat does not feel alone and do damage for attention. thank you you roger harry arm.

the police put out a "dragnet" i need to know how to put out " C A T N E T " so HARA will interact with me. HARA makes not cat sounds to i cannot find out which room she is located/hiding.

my friend told me it will a week for HARA to interact with me and accept her new home. He told me that cats sleep 18 hours, is that correct?

Thank you for any advice, call 718-786-6036 24/7 at least i am happy she ate 2:30am.

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