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by Sandra

We have had 2 cats -a 13 year old calico girl and a 10 year old Siamese boy. They get along great except for an occasional slap from the girl. 9 months ago we got a male kitten and he and the Siamese gets into skirmishes from time to time but they also play. For the past month however, my Siamese has taken to going onto the neighbour's roof from where we have to continually rescue him as he can't get back down. Any idea what's causing this and how to deal with it?


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Oct 29, 2010
by: judy from Long Island

The question really is, why and how your cat has access to a rooftop. Your boy is clearly upset about the newcomer, but cats tend to work these things out. Has your newby been neutered; that should help.
What's of concern is that your boy is even allowed to have the opportunity to get on the roof. A friend of mine had a 13-year old indoor/outdoor cat who occasionally went up on her roof. One day, something spooked him and he felt off, injuring himself badly. He was never the same after that and it was believed that he sustained some neurological damage. Shortly thereafter, he began urinating all over the house and subsequently had to be euthanized.
Your cat clearly needs a sanctuary where he can feel secure; if you have no cat trees, that might help. Again, you need to let them work it out, give your boy extra pettng and attention and if there is no bloodshed, things should get better.

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