samese cat behaviour

by Gloria Plourde
(Windsor Ont. Canada)

Ihave a 13 yr. old female siamese cat who is a joy to me.Recently someone put an ad in the newspaper stating that they have a free female siamese cat to give to the first taker.The former owner was getting rid of the cat as they were getting a dog.My daughter took the cat with the vet,s papers on her spaying,front declawing and michrochip surgery.The cat was 3 years old, when she took in the cat.However, after 8 weeks in my daughters home, the cat would not come out of hiding, and would look to go hide anytime anyone in the family approached her. I suggested bring her to my small apartment, thinking that the confines were so small that she would adapt easier. It's not working too well as both of the cats are scared of each other;could it be the fact that they are both female? Also I notice on the young one that in the bright light of my living room, her pupils stay openwide ,unlike my other cat, so consequently she looks black eyed not blue eyed,Is this a condition? I've only had the cat for 2 weeks and wonder am I not giving her enough time to get adjusted?Sometimes she'll come to me when I call her and she'll let me pet her for a second then turns around and hisses then slaps at me.She is constantly thumping her tail to let me know that she is angry over some unknown reason. Do you thimk she may need a sedative or something to calm her down? She is a beautiful cat and don't want to lose her, so I would appreciate any help in this matter.

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Jun 23, 2010
Hissy new Siamese girl
by: Judy from Long Island

It's amazing to me that an owner would re-home a cat because a dog will be entering the home. This poor cat seems to have had a lot of upheaval.
Six years ago,I adopted a Lilac Point little girl who, unlike every Siamese I've owned) is shy and timid. She was in two homes before I adopted her and she found it difficult to acclimate to both. If you have a spare bedroom that you can put her in with her litter box, food and toys, I would try to handle her on her own terms, giving her a few pats and then leaving the room. It may be too soon to get the two cats acquainted. You may find that she will never be as outgoing as you would like her to Lilac girl is still skittery, but very sweet and has adapted well to my home and other animals, including a German shepherd.I don't, however, demand too much of her and try to respect her a result, she has become much more receptive to be stroked and will now purr and "talk" in a low, Siamese voice.
I recently adopted a fourth cat, a Chocolate Point little girl (See the Night Owl entry) and
like all of my Siamese have been, she is social and confident. And she was off the streets!! She gets along well with my Calico girl, but there is a fair amount of hissing and even snarling at times with my other two cats. There has,however, been no bloodshed and the older cats are willing to tolerate the new Siamese unless she becomes to bold with them. Sometimes, there is a long period of adjustment and they may never be best friends, but I would focus first on getting your new girl to feel more comfortable and secure before stressing her and your older cat by allowing them to spend too much time together.
You did a wonderful thing by taking in this little girl...the loving, affectionate ones are far more attractive to most people. It's possible that your's may be the home she can adjust best to. Hang in there and keep posting to let us know how she's doing.

Jun 21, 2010
shy cats
by: Lynn

Sorry for not commenting,
Has there been any progress?

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