Sassy gets a home

by Ashley

Sassy her first night at home

Sassy her first night at home

This is Sassy she is a Seal point tortie, She came to our family recently after living with her sister from the same litter for 2 years. Sassy had to be re homed, and we jumped at the chance to find a Siamese female for our Male white short hair named Casper. Only time will tell how they will get along.

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Jan 22, 2012
Sassy response
by: Ashley

Unfortunately, Sassy has yet to show her sassyness, she has been hiding a lot under our couch. I think she may be depressed and it worries me a little. If anyone has any advice, this will be my first Siamese and haven't really been through the usual Siamese behavior.

Jan 21, 2012
by: Beatrice

What a gorgeous cat, just like the real old fashioned ones. It's hard to get this type of Siamese in Ireland and the UK, they are all too highly bred here with the long wedge head.

Lovely that you were able to take her, she looks real sassy too!

Beatrice from Ireland

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