Savage Kitty!

I love Himalayans and Siamese cats and had been looking for one on Petfinders, but did not have any luck with local listings. I was at my neighborhood cafe when I saw that there was going to be a big adopt-a-thon sponsored by the SPCA that weekend. We arrived early and saw a few kitties that we thought were cute before stumbling onto Arya's cage. Unlike the other kitties,who were sweetly sleeping, she was savagely attacking a toy in her cage. I noticed, too, that she had Siamese or Himalayan-like features and I fell in love with her. We adopted her and she has been a source of pleasure and pain (literal pain) since then, but she makes for a fun companion. When I tried to find cats that look like her online, I realized that she is most probably a Lynx Point Balinese. She had siblings, too, who also shared similar physical characteristics, though in varying degrees (they all had blue eyes and some of the lynx point markings, but were short haired.) She was just a baby--only ten weeks old when we adopted her--so I wonder how they all ended up at the SPCA?

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Aug 04, 2012
Tiger blood! :}
by: My2wins

My lynx points were feral kittens when I got them and they are spectacularly gorgeous too. In your case a male purebred could have gotten out and mated with a wild mama and the babies got swept up in a feral cat raid like how we got ours.

The lynx points are very spirited. Mine have the personalities of wild tigers. Very friendly sweet and loving but definitely they are not the typical domestic cats. Never a dull moment in our house. Lots of laughter and great fun but also a lot of inadvertent claws. Everyone one in our family has varying stage of cat scratches on us.

My kids are 11 and above and theyre old enough to learn how to avoid getting scratched. I wouldn't recommend these wildish cats for younger kids.

My kids are so in love with our two lynx points that it's all worth it. The cats are as fun and funny as it gets. It's like having two baby tigers.

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