The Seal Point Siamese

Seal Point Siamese

The points of the Seal Point Siamese are the darkest and appear seal brown to black. This is the most popular color and what most people imagine when they think of a Siamese cat.

In juvenile and younger cats, the points will be more apparent. As the siamese ages, its body will become darker. The cream color body of the Seal point starts to darken early in life. Seal points can only make it as show cats for only less than two years because their bodies start to become too dark for show standards. The darkening also depends on the climate or even how cool or warm you keep your house. If the seal point lives in a warmer climate his body will stay lighter than if he was in a cold climate.

The original Siamese cats were seals and all other coat colors are derived from the this type of Siamese. No wonder this coat color is more popular considering that they have made their way into books, and the big screen. There have been some famous cats like “Tao” from the original “Incredible Journey”, and that mischievous cat from “That Darn Cat”.

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