Second Cat or Not?

by Gustavo Peña
(North Hollywood, CA)

I have a 7yr old Siamese rescue. His name is Guillermo aka Llerms. He was declawed when I found him. Overall he is happy and healthy and content talking all day long as well as wedging himself right next to me.

Recently, I was away for an extended period of time for work. I noticed he was very clingy to me when I got back. He is normally very attached to me but this was more than usual. He needed company. I often work long hours and I am considering bringing a new cat into our home. I am of course looking for a Siamese rescue of similar age, size and also that has been declawed.

My concern is that I will bring a new cat in and due to Llerms attachment to me and having lived here for 5 yrs already there may be jealousy issues or territorial problems. That said, Llerms has a very gentle disposition. It took him about a year of watching the catnip bubbles before he actually popped one.

I am looking for some experience in a similar situation of adult Siamese cats being introduced into the same household.


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Nov 05, 2011
I would let them interact first !
by: angelina diantonio

I rescue all mine from Petfinder.Look on the internet. I would suggest not a kiiten.See how he reacts.He might be nurturing towars a kitten. You never know until you try.Maybe one 1-7 in the same age area!I always do more than 1 cat. They love the company.

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