Sense of Taste

Sense of taste

The sense of taste is one sense that human beings rein dominance over cats. While we have approximately 9,000 taste buds on our tongues, your cat only has 473. So compared to humans cat taste is weak. Your cat’s pleasure for food is stemmed from his acute ability to smell rather than his taste. This is why your cat may sniff at that costly delicacy you just put down for him and walk away without even tasting it. This is mainly due to the Jacobson’s organ in the roof of his mouth that enables him to taste sent molecules. Because cats are carnivores, they can distinguish between sour or salt foods but sweets are meaningless to them.

sense of taste

Your cat will respond to the food texture and especially temperature of the food. Your kitty does not like food that is below room temperature. This stems back from his predatory nature of eating fresh killed prey. Food straight from the refrigerator will not appeal to your cat. If you observe that he is not eating properly try heating his food to intensify the aroma.

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