Shadow The Legend

by Wissam Homsi
(Beirut Lebanon)

Blue point siamese cat was alone in the cage ! it was my son birthday & i think to bring him a cat on his birthday cos he like all kinds of animal specially cats . When i go to the pet shop it was to many cats in the cage cute kittens a lot of cat breeds but only 1 he came to me & he begin to maw to me (like he said please take me with you)he smelling my hand but his head on my fingers , i got him without to ask about the price , Shadow in home: we spend a beautiful night no one go to sleep we just play with shadow i my wife & my son , next day shadow have a flu cos the weather's change 2 days shadow no food no water just feeling cold & not moving from his place , i take him to the veterinary his noes was bleeding & his in danger , he stay 6 days in intensive care cos his age r to small to this kind of flu , it was 7 weeks old . Shadow is in good health after 7 days & he back home & from that time till now he sleep with me on my bad room his one of us he's so playful cat & so smart & sensitive , shadow's age now 7 months & i got 3 more cats cos of him , 1 female Siamese 1 female domestic & 1 male Maine coon , all of them when i bring them home they feel when i bring the other that his or shes in charge , but shadow always play with them to stop the fight & let them to be a good friends his amazing cat , The siamese r the smartest cat in the world.

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Nov 22, 2014
Siamese Kittens
by: Anonymous

71 459 556
Traditional thai cats (old type siamese)
Not modern Siamese
but pedigrees are not that important in Lebanon

Nov 22, 2014
siamese kittens
by: Emile Tabbal

i am looking for seal point male siamese kitten please i cant seem to find any 71831989

Oct 06, 2014
Siamese Cat
by: Anonymous

Hey, I know that your post is over 3 years old
But I have a weird question, i'm having difficulty finding blue point siamese cats in beirut, do u have any suggestions, or maybe have kittens of your own

U can reply to me freely on:
or whatsapp me on 00961 71 321042

Thank you!

May 25, 2011
Its Other Legend
by: wissam Homsi (Beirut Lebanon)

Dear Rebecca,
Its seems my stories, i can feel what y r experienced y will find a pleasure with raising of blue point siamese, take care of her, hope y the best.

May 25, 2011
Blue Point
by: Rebecca

Our stories have a similar theme. Perhaps it's a blue point trait that they choose their owners. haha
Your blue could almost be a cousin to mine they are very alike in appearance. Handsome!

Mar 16, 2011
What a beautiful story !
by: angelina diantonio

I also have a Blue Point Siamese that looks exactly like your Shadow.His sister is a chocolate Siamese and they are the best of friends.I wish you many great years together.Your story was very inspiring !!!

Mar 16, 2011
Real Human
by: Edwarde Robenson

You r a gd person , the world's need some one's like y to save the animal from the darkness , y have great cats take care of them .

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