by shannon
(Perth, Western Australia)

Hi there, I have a problem with a next door neighbours Siamese Cat. I`m not sure how old she is but I`m guessing around 2-3 years old. She has somewhat adopted my garage (mainly my laundry door mat) as her favourite hang-out - that and my husbands brand new Black Sports Utility (leaving white hair and paw marks all over the bonnet). Anyway, my question is in regards to hair loss. She can often be seen pulling big chunks of her hair out and has awful looking patches all over her body. I have read quite abit about the Siamese breed (being super friendly, energetic, playful etc) but she doesn`t fit any of these descriptions. I have tried to be affectionate to her and are constantly feeding her (even though she does belong to my neighbour !!). She has also bitten and scratched my 9 year old daughter on numerous occassions. PLEASE HELP !!! She seems so timid yet its almost like she really wants to be around us but is too scared. I would really appreciate your expert advice. I know close to nothing about cats (my only family pet growing up was a toy poodle who lived till she was 19 years old !!) I anxiously await your response.

Kindest Regards,
(Perth, Australia)

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Mar 01, 2010
neglected kitty
by: Anonymous

From what I have gathered on the internet about her pulling out her hair are these following reasons.

There are 4 basic reasons why a cat may be "overgrooming" -
1. Urinary discomfort - either a urinary tract infection, crystals, or a condition called interstitial cystitis.
2. External parasites
3. Skin allergy
4. Psychogenic alopecia ("stress grooming" - really it's more like OCD in a person - they are "compelled" to overgroom and no one really know why).

I am so sorry she has bitten and scratched your daughter. She sounds like she has been neglected and not taken care of. She also seems to be feral (wild), or at least partial. That too has to do with neglect.

I too agree about confronting the neighbor. Please let us know how things are going.

Feb 26, 2010
misbehaving cat
by: Deb

Sounds like he's being neglected or abused, poor kitty... Confront your neighbor

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