by Julie
(Estero, Florida)

My seal point and lilac point are 6 month old sisters. We just had them spayed.

Even prior to this our seal point, her name is Celine, really sheds. The lilac, her name is Lilly is not quite as bad.
I have a brush and comb but my hand seems to work best to get rid of hair.

What brush is best?
Any suggestions on shedding?

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Apr 08, 2012
mine shed a bit NEW
by: angelina diantonio

Sometimes I do not realize and then I look at my shirt and see the fur.I have brother and sister,chocolate and blue point,just turned 2.

Apr 08, 2012
shedding products NEW
by: my2wins

I have 6 month old siblings too, and they shed very little, almost nothing. We're in California so maybe it's something to do with the climate. I'm guessing when it gets hot around here, the shedding may start for us.

I saw a few shedding products at the local pet store.

Here's one of them that looks effective:

Also try searching on Google for "shedding cat" and you'll see a lot more.

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