siameae kittens

by isabelle

do siamese kittens like dogs

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Apr 16, 2012
Siamese Kitten NEW
by: Beatrice

hi there,

No not a good idea, cats distrust and are afraid of dogs and unless it is absolutely necessary or they have grown up with each other, I would not recommend it!

Beatrice from Ireland

Apr 16, 2012
maybe NEW
by: my2wins

not usually unless they grew up together from a very young age. They can get used to each other if the dog is not too aggressive. We just introduced our siamese kittens to a neighbor's small friendly dog and my kittens were scared to death. It took them about 20 minutes to stop arching their back and hissing. I would guess that they'd eventually make friends with the dog, but its not worth it to me to upset them. So no more doggie visitors.

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