Siamese cat afraid of new home

by Denise
(Pasadena, TX, USA)

I received a Siamese cat that was abandoned in Hurricane Ike from a friend. He came from a home that had 5 other cats and 2 large dogs. I received him because I have a very quiet household of myself (retired) and live alone. My problem is that I have had him for 2 weeks or so and he still does not feel at home yet. He goes under my bed and will come out for short periods of time in which I pet him and brushes his hair. How long does it take Siamese cats to be less afraid and friendlier?

I appreciate any and all answers to my questions.

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Dec 12, 2010
let him be he will come around when he is ready
by: angelina diantonio

Dec 12, 2010
by: judy from long island

Good for your rescue of this abandoned cat and lucky for him. Do you have him in a secure room with food and a litter box? Allowing him to acclimate to a smaller area and going in to join him for a little bonding time may make him more comfortable than having to navigate a whole house.
That he's allowing you to pet and brush him shows that he is on the way to trusting you. Give it time; it may take days or even longer, but he will eventually come around. Keep us posted...send a picture.

Dec 12, 2010
He just needs a little more time
by: Caroline (UK)

Hi Denise

How kind of you to take in an abandoned Siamese. I have one myself who had also been abandoned and although mine was quite a confident cat he still needed time to adapt to his new life.

Your cat is probably finding everything very strange right now - a new person to get to know, none of the other cats or dogs from his former life around for company - he must feel as if his whole routine has been turned upside down.

He'll come round in time. The best thing you can do is leave him alone and not to try to coach him out from his 'safe place' under your bed. As long as he knows where his food, water and litter box are, he'll come to you when he's ready.

So let him come to you, rather than the other way round. It may take a few more weeks, but I'm sure he'll turn into a loving companion. Siamese cats love company!

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