Siamese Cat Behavior

Siamese Cat Behavior

"Llew" Killing his Teddy Bear! 

In Siamese cat behavior, Siamese have many of the typical feline personality traits shared with their domesticated ken. However, there are some special differences that Siamese cats possess, which make them unique.

Siamese cats are quiet different from other breeds of cats. Most people would agree who have owned a Siamese cat, that they are unique. Here in the US, we say “everything in Texas is bigger”, well with Siamese most every thing about them are much larger than life. Things they do is louder and more energetic, from giving affection to being very disagreeable. This highly intelligent pet is often said to be the most dog-like cat, or they think they are human. If you expect to have a pet who is quiet and can be left to their own devices, a Siamese is not for you. You must be prepared to provide lots of time and energy.

Siamese cats do everything in a more exaggerated way, they interact on a different level to other cats and their humans. You will find that their emotions, whether good or bad, are more enhanced. If they are in a good mood, expect great levels of affection, but if they are in a bad mood, be prepared to stay out of their way.

Often Siamese cats are very territorial, often wanting to take over the house whether they are the first cat or a new cat. They are extremely territorial to people. Often you might think your Siamese is very jealous to other cats' interaction with you.

I assure you one thing, no matter what type of negative cat behavior that one might be experiencing with a cat, Siamese cats are super intelligent, and can be easily trained. To live in harmony with another species, you must first understand its language, and how it perceives the world.

Feline Nature

I once thought that cats could not make good pets because they are aloof, mysterious, wild, and that feline behavior cannot be understood. In 1990 I was given a cat that was not wanted because she was being used as a breeder and would not nurse her kittens. Actually this poor female was neglected. I reluctantly took her because I did not care much for cats. She soon exhibited her typical Siamese cat behavior and formed a strong attachment to me. In no time I was hooked! Yes, my first cat was a Siamese. And I dedicate this web site to her. Never have I ever loved a pet so dearly, and she waits for me at the Rainbow Bridge

Feline nature

Siamese Cat Behavior Can Easily Be Understood

Cats are not mysterious, unreadable, or difficult to understand. Siamese cat behavior can be easily understood in terms of their nature, not ours. People often displace human behavior to animals, and become confused or angry at cat behavior. All it takes is to understand feline nature, the basics of which are extremely simple and can be understood very quickly. Going beyond this basic understanding can be a very rewarding and mutually satisfying for you and your Siamese. It will provide many years of delightful discovery and amazement. My cats never seize to amaze me. Though cat basics might be simple, what is built on them can become a very complex and fascinating journey of discovery. I could never imagine my life without a cat. They are so much a part of me and who I am. What a gift it is to be loved by cats. 

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Siamese Senses

All five Siamese senses are heightened and are far superior to those of humans.

Cat Sight

Cat Sense of Smell

Cat Hearing

Cat Sense of Touch

Cat Sense of Taste

Siamese are nocturnal in nature; they are predators with heightened senses and are very different than human beings and dogs. Understanding these differences and accepting them in admiration and awe will help you establish a warm relationship and a deep bond with your Siamese cat, and will especially help you understand Siamese cat behavior.

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