Siamese Cat Behavior

by Liezel R. Escodero
(Philippines )

Hi! I'm Liezel from Philippines. I'm planning to buy a siamese 7 month old cat. Is 7 month old siamese cat is easy to adjust for a new owner? Or they just stick in their former owner? It is possible to them to love their new owner? Thank you!

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Dec 19, 2019
Siamese Behavior
by: Lynn

My first Siamese (and my first cat) changed everything about my view on cats. She was given to us when she was already a couple of years old. She started to talk to me and started to sit in my lap, and started to act like I was her servent. That bond we formed was actually very quick and I was very surprised about it. She loved both me and my husband very much. I was very astonished at all the cat love.

The same thing has happened to my present Siamese. She was homeless and had already one litter of kittens. She was hanging around at the recycle place in our town and I went there, and the recycle guy (seeing all the empty litter box containers) asked me to take her.... another love at first sight!

I am not speaking for all Siamese or all cats. They all have different personalities and upbringings. But age doesn't matter.

Let me know how it goes.

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