siamese cat behavioral problems

by cristy
(hokes bluff)

i have a 2year old siamese cat callie.i use to have a white calico cookie also. callie has attacked my white calico before inside the house and tore her fur out.outside together they got along.i found my white calico dead in my back yard one morning. i dont know if my siamese killed her or not could she have done it.

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Feb 22, 2013
OMG NO!!!!!
by: angelina diantonio

No way did your cat kill your other cat like that.My family has owned Siamese cats for generations.Of course I am a firm believer in keeping all cats indoors only for this reason.The outside is very dangerous for cats.A different animal or person did this horrible act.I am sorry for your loss.

Feb 15, 2013
Don't let your Siamese roam free
by: Jennifer

I've owned or I've been owned by Siamese cats for 45 years. I LOVE the breed and although cats might fight, I doubt that your Siamese killed your white calico.

I agree with the previous post about keeping your cats indoors. They are happier, healthier and safer inside than outside. I really don't understand why anyone, (unless they live on a farm and need the cats to kill mice,) would allow their cats to be outside without the owner.

I think that ANYONE that owns a Siamese and let's it run wild outside is an irresponsible cat owner. Really no domesticated kitten/cat should live outside. How would you feel if your Siamese got hit by a car? It would be your fault because you didn't take proper care of him/her.

I had a Siamese that lived to be 20 years old and I'm sure if I let her run "wild" outside she wouldn't have lived half that long.

Next time you are thinking of letting your cat outside for the night, think of what she will face - dogs, cars and diseases!

Stepping off soap box,


Feb 14, 2013
Outdoor cat
by: Beatrice

Hi there,

There is no way that your cat was killed by the other Siamese, most probably it was killed by a predator over food rights or territory, possibly a big tom. You will need to have an autopsy performed to find out the cause of death, otherwise you are just shooting in the dark. It is sad but cats are wild and untamed and once outside, we have no control of what they do or where they go or who they encounter.

Best wishes,

Beatrice from Wicklow in Ireland.

Feb 14, 2013
something else happened is my guess
by: Anonymous

I highly doubt your cat was casually killed by the Siamese, unless the Siamese was feral/wild and/or rabid or ill.

If they were both adults, fighting would be common but very unlikely one would kill the other. I did some research and it just doesn't happen usually. (Adult cats may kill kittens for different reasons, but not each other).

I would suggest you take the dead cat somewhere to verify the cause of death, so you know if you've got risk of it happening again. You also want to know if there's poison or a predator in the area.

Cats should always be 100% indoors if you want their lives maximized. The average life span of an outdoor cat is significantly lower than an indoor cat.

Don't quote the exact numbers here, but I read a scientific study not too long ago that cited something along the lines of a 3-5 year average life span for outdoor cats vs over 15 years for indoor cats.

A lot of people will say its not a cat's nature to be kept indoors. To which I completely agree in theory, but not in practice. My view is that if you have a pet rabbit, hamster, or bird, for example, most everyone agrees its best to keep them safely in a protective cage -- even though their quality of life would arguably be a lot better if roaming free. To me its the same argument about keeping a feline indoors. They might love to roam free, but they will be safer, healthier and protected if not outside. My 2 cents.

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