Siamese cat behaviour problems. PLEASE HELP

by Chantal
(South Africa)




We got a Lilac Point Modern Siamese kitten (Mesha) from a breeder. The breeder stopped breeding and sold all his adults and last kittens. Mesha and her brother was the last two left and he gave her to us for free.
The problem is that he didn’t socialise his last kittens at all, he didn’t have the time, that’s why he stopped breeding. So when we got her at 4 months she was scared of us and all our other cats.
After a while she started to trust us and she tolerated all the other cats, except for one. She absolutely hates our 2, year old neutered Siamese male. He didn’t do anything to her, but every time he comes near her, even within meters of her she totally freaks out and screams like someone’s trying to kill her!
That was fine, we could deal with that, she only had issues with the one. BUT now a few days ago we got a new baby – female Siamese kitten. From the time she arrived Mesha has become allot worse. Now she hates the new baby, she hates our neutered boy, she doesn’t want any of the other cats to come near her, if we try to pet her she growls and runs away and if we try to pick her up she screams like we’re going to kill her and scratches us and runs away.
She is stressed and on the defence permanently and I feel so sorry for her. We love her very much, so getting rid of her, or any of our cats is not an option. We need a solution, ANYTHING!We need to know what to do to make life better for Mesha, our other cats and ourselves.

Kind Regards
(We have 6 cats in total)

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Mar 29, 2018
Way too many
by: Anonymous

As the owner of a male modern Siamese I am very familiar with cats and their behaviors. I have owned them for decades. You issue is simple, you have WAY too many cats under one roof. Mesha is beyond stressed out. You should have never brought that many cats home. I’ll bet your home smells like pee from the animals being stressed and marking territory etc. Do Mesha a huge favor so she can live a happy peaceful life. Adopt her out to a family with only one other cat as a companion for her.

Aug 18, 2015
Petootie and Charlie
by: Anonymous

I have had Petootie a female seal point for 4 years. She and I have had a very close relationship. My husband bought me a 10 week old chocolate point male Siamese for my birthday.

Petootie is very upset with me, it and everything. Petootie goes outside during the day and insists on having her breakfast and dinner outside, she will not eat when the kitten is anywhere around.

She growls and hisses at Charlie and chases him off and she mostly stands by the door to go back outside.

I put Charlie in a bedroom with his cat tree, toys and food at 9:30 pm and then Petootie wonders around the house expressing her displeasure vocally with my husband and me. She doesn't want to be pet and even hisses and is bitelike in her actions.

It has been 10 days now, and I really don't see any change in behaviour. Charlie keeps charging at her and trying to play with her and does not seem frightened at all by her.

I would appreciate any help. The vet said over time they will get along. Separating them with a baby gate to encourage some interaction safely did not work out. I am sure that Siamese cats can get over or under anything made.

Sep 02, 2011
from Sydney
by: Alicja

Your Mesha looks EXACTLY like my Watson. Even my husband thought it was Watson when I showed him Mesha's picture.

For all cat lovers out there, my advise is:
if you are getting a new cat, wait a few months for it to settle down before you introduce a new one.
Otherwise it is going to be a lot of stress for the first one: it needs to get used to the new environment, maybe a cat which already lives there and then, on top of that a new cat!! It will feel threatened and that will only upset you.

I am very happy though that it worked for you. I would like to get a new companion for Watson soon as he is getting bored alone and starts bringing home lizards, pigeons, mice and rats(unfortunately many of them still alive).

I do not think we will have a problem with Watson and the new cat, as Watson is very friendly and curious about any cat that sometimes appears in our garden.

Jun 27, 2011
Hi Anonymous
by: Chantal

It took about a month for her to be totally comfortable with the new kitten. The kitten is now almost 10 months old and she (Tinkerbell) and Mesha are good friends. Mesha still does not get along with our one male cat, but they just avoid each other most of the time.
It can take very long for a cat to become comfortable with a new kitten. What I've learned is that being patient is the most important thing.

Jun 27, 2011
Me too!
by: Anonymous

I am having this very issue. When did you start seeing the change in Mesha toward the kitten?

Nov 02, 2010
by: Thanks Angelina

Yes she is gorgeous and she does have a very short, soft coat.

Nov 02, 2010
by: Chantal

Thanks for all the advice.
It's been about 3 weeks now since the new kitten arrived and Mesha's behaviour totally changed towards the baby.
She now acts like a mommy with her, follows her everywhere, sleeps with her, grooms her and is VERY protective towards her.
Looks like I went into panic mode too quickly.
She is also allowing us to pick her up again and pet her. And for some reason she is actually more relaxed towards all the other cats than before we got the new baby.
So, looks like a very bad situation actually turned into something good.
I'm so happy for her; I hated seeing her so stressed.

Nov 02, 2010
A True Beauty
by: angelina diantonio

Gorgeous cat !!!!! Coat looks so soft !!!!

Oct 30, 2010
Trust me they will all get along with time.
by: angelina diantonio

My aunt rescues cats.She has between 20 - 30 at all times. She gave me great advice. Leave them be they will come around.

Oct 16, 2010
Progress is good!
by: judy from Long Iand

I'm glad that Meesha and the kitty are getting along better and as long as there's no bloodshed between Meesha and your neutered boy, just let them work it out. They may never like each other and there may always be hissing and growling To this day, my my chubby Siamese X Willow just doesn't like my rescue, Jasmine, who came last May. (You can see pictures of them all on this website). Since there is only hissing from Willow and no further aggression from either, I just have to accept that they are incompatible.

Re: Trying to socialize Meesha, I would not force her to be around people even though I know you're proud of her and want to show her off. I feel the same about Violet, but it is so stressful for these high-strung girls, that you're better off just letting her make herself scarce. She may come around. It's taken years, but there are some people who are here consistently whom Violet doesn't hide from anymore.

Oct 15, 2010
Hi Judy
by: Chantal

Thanks for all the advice!
I did not think that Mesha would be threatened at all by a little kitten, it was a shock to me when she reacted the way she did towards her. We had kittens around her before and she did not have a problem and all our other cat's don't have any problem with kittens.
But it has been almost a week now and it looks like Mesha is actually starting to relax a bit and be more like she was before the baby was here.
And we can stroke her and pick her up again (allthouhg she tenses up, but she's not screaming like before).

About Mesha and the neutered male, they dont fight fisically, so there is never any blood or anyting like that. When she sees him near her she starts to growl and sometimes she will let out a loud screeem and run away. She does not have any reason to act this way towards him, that I know of. Maybe the breeders had a mean male cat that looked like him? Idon't know.

We do not live in a very big house, but she does have lots of places to go hide when she wants to.

And like Violet, Mesha also hides when anyone comes to our home. When I take her out of her hiding place to show her to someone, she just totaly tenses up and wants to run away. Everyone thinks she is a mean cat, but thats far from the truth, at times she is very loving towards us.

And this will be our last baby, we're not getting anymore, especially after seeing how it upset our baby Mesha. We love her very much and put alot of work and love into getting her to trust us in the first place. We just wat Mesha to be happier....

Oct 14, 2010
Double Oops!!!
by: Judy from Long Island

I see now that Meesha was 4 months old, so she was obviously not used for breeding. It makes all the more sense that the addition of a new kitten just as she was settling in, upset her equilibrium. They will work it out, but make sure that you don't leave them alone together until you are sure that they won't hurt one another. Again, I would bring in no other cats, as each new addition creates an unstable situation and Meesha has had a hard enough adjustment. It's possible that any more upheaval created by additional cats will result in your having to re-home this neglected, traumatized little girl.

Oct 14, 2010
by: judy from long island

Sorry, I see that you have a total of six cats.
All the more reason to stop right there until everyone has found a place within the cat hierarchy. If you look at the situation from Meesha's perspective, just when she was starting to relax and feel secure, her world was again shaken up by your new addition. I would absolutely acquire no more cats; otherwise, you may find yourself in a situation that has gotten out of control and have no choice other than to re-home this poor, insecure girl.

Oct 14, 2010
Would stop bringing in new cats
by: Judy from Long Island

Your Bluepoint girl is beautiful and obviously well-bred. She may be suffering from a lack of socialization or she may be genetically shy. My now 6 year old Siamese Lilac Point was originally the pet of a family who purchased her from a breeder as a kitten. From the day that they brought her home, she was sweet but very spooky.
Eventually, they knew that she was too upset to be in an active home and placed her with a man who had no experience with a cat like her. Enter me, who had seen the original ad and called after she had been placed.

When the adopter called the family to return Violet, they gave him my telephone number and I went to see her at his house. Although very shy, she was not aggressive and I took her home. To this day, she is skittery, although better than she was and she gets along well with all of my cats and my German Shepherd, but is nowhere to be found when company comes. A real shame, because she is so beautiful.

Assuming that everyone is spayed and neutered, it is possible that your new girl is threatened by your male. Since there is no way of knowing what happened to her when she was being bred, it's possible that she associates your male with an unpleasant experience. You don't indicate if she is aggressive toward the male or he toward her. If there is no aggression, I would try to find a place for her where she can feel safe (perhaps a cat tree of high perch). If there is seriously aggressive behavior (not just hissing and snarling, but actual bloodshed), you are going to have to keep them separated until she hopefully feels more secure.

What I'm curious about is your decision to bring in a new kitten when there was still tension with your existing cats and your new girl was still so obviously unsettled and traumatized. I'm also curious about how many cats you actually have and how large your home is. At the very least, I would bring in no more new animals until there is relative peace within your existing group. You did a generous deed by bringing in this obviously neglected cat, but now you have to make her feel as safe and secure as you can. She will probably never be an outgoing animal, but there is no reason that (like Violet), she shouldn't feel relatively content within the narrow confines of her personality.

Oct 14, 2010
Mesh and the new kitten
by: Lynn

Can you separate Mesha and the other kitten for a little while? Just until she gets use to the kitten's presence. I know that it doesn't make much sense why they are threatened by a kitten, but my female Siamese was also very threatened by another female kitten. The same sex has a lot to do with it.

I hate to hear about this type of trouble. Mesha is such a beautiful cat.

I cant believe the breeder did not socialize her, all it takes is a little petting. Just keep showing her love and attention. Things will be fine soon.

Here is a link to my page about introducing a new cat:

Oct 14, 2010
To Anonymous
by: Chantal

I really hope so. She does look a bit calmer today. I can pick her up again etc. So, hoping for the best.Thanks

Oct 14, 2010
just be nice
by: Anonymous

just be nice,she will eventually mellow out! my kitten was CRAZY until about two weeks after being 'fixed'..suddenly one day the running and jumping and biting just stopped and now she just sits on my lap and purrs...shes 7 months old now

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