Siamese Cat Health

Siamese Cat Health

For Siamese cat health, your Siamese will need regular vaccinations and health checkups from your veterinarian. Proper preventive care is necessary for your cat’s physical and emotional well-being. You will also need to learn more about the common diseases that affect cats. I feel that when it comes to the Siamese Cat health that proper nutrition goes along with cat health. Proper nutrition will avoid so many potential health problems in the future, like obesity, diabetes, skin problems, joints and teeth. 

There are three simple preventive health care strategies that can help maximize the chances of your Siamese living a longer and healthier life:

1. Keep your kitty indoors.

2. Get annual veterinary checkups for your cat.

3. Stay to the routine vaccination schedule your veterinarian recommends.

During a routine veterinarian examination your vet will:

· Check your cat’s teeth and gums.

· Check her ears for infection, ear mites, or other problems.

· Check her eyes for pupil response and retinal appearance.

· Check her skin and coat for parasites and other problems.

· Check her weight, temperature, respiration, and heart rate.

· Perform standard blood work.

· Check your cat’s fecal sample for intestinal parasites.

· Give vaccinations as needed.

If your kitty has one or more of the following symptoms for a significant period of time, contact your veterinarian. These symptoms can indicate a potentially serious problem.

· Fever

· Depression

· Loss of appetite

· Vomiting

· Diarrhea

· Dehydration

· Constant sneezing

· Tearing

· Discharge from nose and eyes

· Breathing from the mouth

· Coughing

· Tongue blisters and ulcers

· Weakness

· Paralysis

· Abnormal aggression

Millions of cats suffer and die because their owners give them free reign to roam the neighborhood. For Siamese cat health, indoor cats are less likely to contract an illness from a free-roaming animal or fall victim to the many hazards inherent in the great outdoors. The vast majority of owners aren't cruel or thoughtless because many love their animals as much as the rest of us. They just believe that cats are happiest outdoors.

Outdoor cats may only live only a few years, compared to indoor cats which can easily live a contented, full life into their teens or even in their twenties. It is very sad when a well meaning cat owner loses their beloved pet because they were run over by a car or killed by another animal or person.

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