Siamese Cat History

Siamese cat history

The Siamese cat history has some debate as to which body type first originated. Fans of the traditional “apple head” take great pride in claiming that the rounder huskier body type is the original Siamese. This body type appeared in the Western world in the late 1880’s when they were imported into England and began appearing in cat shows there. Fans of the more Extreme Wedge Head Siamese claim that the long, lithe tapering body is the original Siamese because ancient drawings and paintings reveal the Siamese as a long slender muscular cat.

Apple Head Siamese Cats

Applehead Siamese

Wedge Head Siamese Cats

Wedge Head Siamese

The breed standard established by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), the world’s largest registry of pedigreed cats, call for the long, lithe body topped by a tapering wedge shape head.

Considered to be one of the oldest cat breeds, it is believed that the origin of Siamese cats came from Thailand, formally known as Siam. This ancient Asian land is the source of the breed’s name and its more flattering, legendary reference, “The Royal Cats of Siam.” Known as Royal points, these cats were honored in such high regard that no one except the King and members of the royal family were permitted to own them.

There seems to be some mystery on how the Siamese made it into Western Culture. This feline is considered by many to be a “natural” breed, one that developed without the interference of man. Pictures of Seal Point appeared in the manuscript "Cat-Book Poems", written in Siam (now Thailand) sometime between 1350 and 1700.

Siamese Cat History

Mrs. Robert Locke founded the Beresford Cat Club in 1899 and was its first president. Mrs. Locke owned the first registered Siamese cats in America named "Calif," "Siam," and "Bangkok."

For a really great document on Siamese Cat history, Diana Arnold wrote a very descriptive history of the Siamese Cat called "A History of the Siamese Cat".  This is a document (doc) that you can open up in Microsoft Word.

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